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Flights and Insurance Services for your Kaya Program

To help you prepare for your travels, Kaya is working with a number of trusted travel specialists to provide you the additional services you might need for your trip.

These options are provided as a recommendation only, to help you in your planning for your travels, and you are in no way required to use these.

Any purchases or agreements you make with these organizations are separate from your agreement with Kaya, but they are familiar with Kaya programs and we have had good experiences with these services in the past.



There are many options for booking international flights. The web is full of comparison sites where you can easily check different fares and booking options to suit your travel plans. Here are some words of advice before purchasing any flight:

  • Make sure that you start and end destinations are correct – there are many locations with common names that may also be found in other countries, or even within the same country. All our welcome packs provide the airport codes for your arrival airport to make it easier for you to check.

  • Make sure to read carefully their terms and conditions on cancellation and flight delay, especially if you are buying two separate flights on different airlines and need to make a connection. When searching for flights, make sure you make your booking with plenty of time to spare before your trip – the closer you get to the departure date, the higher the flight prices will generally be;
  • When searching for flights, make sure you make your booking with plenty of time to spare before your trip – the closer you get to the departure date, the higher the flight prices will generally be;

  • Be also aware that most websites place cookies on your device when you do a search and if you come back to look at those same flights again, the price might have gone up. Remember to always clear your cache and history across all your devices when you are ready to book your flights;
  • Flight prices change daily. On average, buying flights is cheapest on Tuesdays! (but not guaranteed).


Kaya’s recommended flight booking company for travellers from UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia

STFly provides great deals on flights to all Kaya destinations. STFly has secured competitive fares with all major airlines for all travellers, with additional savings for students and those under 26. As a student you can get up to 40% discount on some flight fares! Check with one of their expert advisors to see what they can offer for travel to your Kaya program .




Kaya’s recommended flight booking company for travelers USA, Central and South America

Student Universe provides affordable flight fares to all Kaya destinations. They specialize in travelers under the age of 30 and students, but have great deals for ALL travelers and frequently release promo codes which secure additional savings for anyone.

Head to Travel Services to browse flights for your Kaya project. And especially during Covid, while there are some extra considerations in travel, make use of their personal advisors who are always available to talk through your options and give you the best quote for your Kaya’s travel plans.



Travel Insurance 

When traveling and especially when traveling to foreign destination, it’s really important to make sure that we take care of our safety and health. That’s why having travel insurance is one of the first steps to take when considering a trip somewhere. For all the Kaya programs, participants must have a travel insurance in place for the dates of the projects and must ensure it contains the following:

  1. Emergency medical coverage for the country(s) you are travelling to and the activities you’ll participate in on your program
  2. Emergency medical evacuation
  3. Repatriation of remains

Make sure to clearly ask the insurance provider to send you the wording of the policy you are buying and what the policy includes and does not include in the coverage.

A few things to take into consideration are the differences between policies if you are an European or American traveler: for example European and UK policies tend to be more comprehensive and cover things like flight delays, baggage loss, etc. American travel insurance policies typically only cover for medical emergencies, so one more reason to carefully check your policy before signing and buying anything.

Additionally, while abroad, you are likely to take part in excursions and activities to explore and immerse yourself in your host country (additional to project tasks and activities). It’s essential to check that your travel insurance covers you for those potential extra activities, such as rafting, safaris, climbing, diving, or anything else you are considering while in the country.

Last, but not least, if you have an existing insurance, please make sure you read through the policy and check if it covers you for the destination you are traveling to and the activities you will participate in. Domestic medical policies generally cannot be used abroad. Read absolutely everything in the policy, also the small print as it is where typically you find the non inclusions.


Kaya’s recommended insurance provider for UK residents

Go Walkabout provides comprehensive insurance coverage for UK participants travelling to all Kaya destinations that do not have a “do not travel” advisory from the British Foreign office. Coverage is available to those over 18 years of age and coverage for younger participants can be arranged by speaking with an agent. The Walkabout Working Holiday Travel Insurance policy has 4 levels of coverage so you can make sure whatever program you join, you can select coverage that will cover your activities.




Kaya’s recommended insurance provider for travelers from USA and for any nationality looking for medical coverage away from their home country.

CISI are insurance specialists catering to people of all ages traveling abroad for volunteering and education abroad purposes. Kaya participants can enroll in comprehensive coverage starting at US$55 per month.

To review the details of this coverage please refer to this link.

For instructions on how to complete your application, check out this handy enrollment guide.



Cancel for any reason (CFAR) and Interruption for any Reason (IFAR) Insurance

As a result of the Covid pandemic, a separate insurance has been developed to help travellers get coverage for cancellations or interruptions caused by ‘known risks’ such as the pandemic which are excluded from most insurances.

This insurance is available globally, but with some exceptions (Resident of New York*, for example are not able to purchase this option due to state laws, and some countries may also be excluded)

*The State of New York does not allow insurance companies to offer CFAR/IFAR insurance. However, if you are a resident of New York but study at an institution outside of New York, then you can use that address to apply for the insurance.

This insurance is ADDITIONAL to medical travel insurance and allows you to cancel or cut short your trip for any reason (including ‘feeling’ unsafe, where no quantifiable ‘proof’ is required to make a claim) and claim back 75% of your unrecoverable program costs. The cost of this insurance is typically a percentage of your program costs – usually around 7-12%, depending on length of program, destination and personal details.

For a CFAR/IFAR insurance quote and more details ;

  • Go to TravelInsured (Note: This policy is provided by CISI, and administered by Travel Insured International)
  • Click on “Get a Quote”
  • The quote requires only the following information:
    – Where are you Going,
    – Your country (and State for USA)of Residence (home or school),
    – Dates of Travel
    – Date of Birth
    – Trip Cost (you can cover just your Kaya program fees or add on flights and other costs here)
  • You will be provided a quote and then options. Select, WorldWide Trip Protector Plus. This is the coverage that includes CFAR and IFAR. The other option includes only standard cancellation and interruption, which won’t cover Covid-19 or “any reason”.
  • You don’t’ need to purchase this right away if you are only looking for a quote, but you will need to purchase the policy within 21 days of making your program payment.
  • When you click “Purchase” you will then include more personal information and your Program Deposit date.


Note: KAYA provides you with information on this product to enable you the option of purchasing coverage that can provide you greater peace of mind to travel. We do not endorse nor require any additional travel insurance protection or product to participate in our programs.