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Participating in a Kaya study or internship program can contribute to your university degree.

Earn Credit

With Kaya, there are multiple avenues to earn credit for your international program – whether in-person or virtual. Depending on the Kaya program you choose, you may be eligible to earn credit through your home university, Kaya’s international partner institutions, or our school or record.

Home Institution Credit

Many institutions offer home credit for students participating in international internships. Speak with your academic advisor, study abroad office, or career center to learn about your institution’s requirements, process, financial aid, and scholarships. Kaya can customize your internship accordingly and work with your university to complete any necessary documentation at no additional cost (unless your institution requires something not already offered on the ground).

For participants on university group programs organized by Kaya, any credits offered will be from the home institution, so speak with your study abroad office or faculty leader directly.

Study Abroad Transfer Credit

If you participate in a Kaya Study & Service or Study & Intern Program, you will complete classes abroad with one of our international partner institutions. The international institution will provide a transcript for these classes to be applied as transfer credits at your home institution.

The cost for class credits is already included in the Kaya program fee for these programs. Additionally, you can opt to earn internship transfer credits for your internship through Kaya’s school of record (not included in the program fee).

Prior to the program, be sure to confirm with your university that it will approve the transfer credits from the international institution.


Internship Transfer Credit

Participants who cannot earn internship credit through a home institution may choose to earn transfer credit for a Kaya in-person or virtual internship through our school of record, Hartwick College.

Internships must be a minimum of 120 hours and you will earn 3 credits from Hartwick upon successful completion of the program. Kaya will work with you to ensure your internship meets Hartwick’s requirements and any additional needs from your home institution. The cost to turn your internship into a credit-bearing program is an additional $890 on top of your internship program fee.

Prior to the program, be sure to confirm with your university that it will approve the transfer credits from Hartwick.


About Kaya’s School of Record

Kaya’s school of record is Hartwick College, a private liberal arts college located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in Oneonta, New York. Founded in 1797, Hartwick is proud to be one of the oldest— yet most forward-thinking colleges in the country. We are especially excited to partner with Hartwick because of their commitment to responsible community engagement, raising global awareness, and academic excellence. Hartwick is accredited by Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).

Why seek credit for your international program?

Earning credit for your international program offers many benefits:

  • Get due recognition. University credits demonstrate the academic rigor of your experience.
  • Complete your degree faster or free up your on campus course load by earning credits while abroad.
  • Your degree may have a graduation requirement to earn credits for an international program.
  • Credit-bearing programs may open doors to certain scholarships and financial aid that are not available for non-credit bearing programs.
  • For Gap year students and high school graduates, earring credit for your international experience may qualify you for a 529 tax-advantaged savings plan.

To learn more about credit options with Kaya, contact using the below button