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CSR Group Programs

Group travel is for all ages and all professions! With our customized group itineraries we can help provide team building experiences through service experiences, share local expertise with our vast network, and demonstrate responsible travel with sustainable practices.

Corporate Social Responsibility Groups

The idea of volunteering and giving something back is now firmly established within the business community, and companies are often assessed on their CSR. Whether your business is large or small it can make a difference. CSR is at the forefront of many businesses and consumer demand for fairtrade and ethical business values is ever increasing. Volunteering on a worthwhile project in a developing country is a beneficial way of raising the Corporate Social Responsibility status of your company and is not only a good PR opportunity but a great team building experience for your employees as well.

The wellbeing of your employees and their relationships with each other is a fundamental factor of your company’s success. A volunteer project abroad is a fantastic team building opportunity for your team as it will boost team morale and allow office employees the chance to really get to know each other which will serve to strengthen their working relationships. Working together helps to create an opportunity where the communities you will help and your company learn and benefit on multiple levels.

High impact programs

Corporate volunteer groups can be invaluable to the local communities they visit as the knowledge they can impart on their area of expertise can really make a difference. In tough times of tight budgets, supporting staff to fundraise for participation in a company-backed project can bring your team together. It will certainly help to develop planning skills as things often move at a much slower pace or emergencies and other factors taking the place of planned project activities. This can certainly challenge some volunteers, which in a corporate setting, is often what you will be looking for.

Most of the projects on our website are able to cater for corporate groups and for most groups we create tailor-made itineraries which can accommodate for your group’s individual needs. We work closely with all our groups and pay special attention to all arrangements that are made and utilize our local team on the ground to help provide a meaningful program. In addition, all of our projects are responsible and promote a manner in which seeing the world respects local people, culture and environment and provide benefits to the local communities.

Why should you trust Kaya with your corporate group program?

We design adventures that help empower the communities we work with, while also cultivating educated, compassionate global citizens. Our core mission informs and guides all of our programming. We combine careful planning, a wealth of knowledge, and off-the-beaten-path destinations to create one-of-a-kind experiences. We believe in pushing boundaries. We also believe in win-win scenarios in which our students and our partners on the ground both benefit, grow and learn.

Responsible Approach

This is the leading goal of Kaya. From our program selection, to our health considerations, to our budget and everything in between, if it is not responsible then it is not done. Rest assured that by choosing Kaya you will be benefiting all parties involved.

Active Cultural Engagement

At Kaya, we combine cultural and academic immersion for maximum impact. Our commitment to genuine cross-cultural exchange extends to all of our customized programs, whether service-based, academic, tour-based, or a combination.

Personalised Advising

An international experience shouldn’t be based on a uniform template. Therefore we customize all itineraries and have consistent communication when developing your program.

Safety and Liability

This is of the utmost important to us. We are guided by the US State Department, local government regulations, Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and your institution guidelines. All group programs are covered by a $5 million liability insurance.

On-Site Program Coordinator

All group programs include an On-site Program Coordinator (OPC). OPCs will join the program from start to finish and are thoroughly vetted and trained to lead groups and navigate emergency situations.

Passionate Team

Everyone on our team has been influenced by cultural exchanges in some way or another, and this passion feeds into every trip we do!

“I went there to teach, but in the end, I was the one who learned something. I used to see service as a duty. A duty to help those less fortunate than I was. This experience taught me humility – a humbleness that no matter how old you are, no matter what kind of education you’ve received, you can always learn something from someone else.”

Mohammed Ayesh | Texas A&M

“The best thing about Kaya is its people. I love working with them. I like their business model, and it aligns with what our faculty want to do – offering more hands-on experience.”

Emily | Study Abroad Office, NE

What's the Process? How Do I Start a Group Program?


Whether you have a full itinerary or just an exciting idea, we will work with you where you are. Contact us below.


After you inquire, we will reach out to discuss your learning objectives and vision.

Proposal & Review

We will then take our conversation and turn it into a proposed itinerary and quote for you to review. From here we work with you to fine-tune it.


We will support you through your approval process with any necessary paperwork or assessments your institution requires.


We will work with you to assist in recruitment and group support pre-departure, including a pre-departure presentation.


With 24/7 support on the ground, you are ready to explore. We can’t wait to hear all about the impact of your trip!