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Because of the work you have chosen to take part in on your volunteering project, you may find that others are willing to help you raise money to help get you on your way. To help you pay for your trip, we have compiled some fundraising ideas you might want to use to cover your project fees and airfare.

What We Do To Help You

At Kaya, not only do we help you find the perfect placement, but we also help you to succeed in reaching your goal by providing you with advice on how to go about fundraising. The term ‘fundraising’ could sound a little daunting at first, but if you make sure you schedule your volunteering trip so that you have enough time to raise some money, it can be a fun activity to get your family and friends involved with. It can also help you build up your CV as it will portray your determination. Below, you will find information on what we do to help you and also some basic fundraising ideas that you might want to put into practise in order to cover your project fee and airfare. Note that once you have secured your placement on one of our projects by paying your deposit of £180, we will provide you with an in-depth fundraising guide to help you kick-start your savings. We can also provide you with some personalised printable leaflets that you can take to any of your fundraising activities.

Fundraising Through Sponsored Activities

A great way to raise funds for your volunteering adventure is to get involved in sponsored activities. This is where you can set yourself a personal challenge – such as giving something up, shaving your hair or doing a sky dive – to which people can donate money to your cause in order to spur you on.

There are often organised charity runs, bike rides, abseils and other events in most parts of the country. The entrance money goes to the charity, but in most cases you can choose who your sponsorship money goes to. This is a great way to raise money for your travels, plus donating your entry fee to a good cause – it’s a win win!

Alternatively, you might want to plan your own sponsored event. Some good advice would be to give yourself plenty of time. That way, not only will you have time to train (if you’re doing a sporting activity that is), but also you will have extra time to gather more sponsors and therefore more money for your travels.

Publicising your event is a sure way to get more sponsors. Give your local newspaper a shout and tell them about what your doing. You might event get a sponsor from them too.

Fundraising Through Selling Your Things

Remember the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”?

Get yourself down to your local car boot sale if you have lots of items that you don’t want or need anymore. But make sure you arrive early. Car boot enthusiasts are early risers! You could make a sign explaining that you are selling some items to raise money so that you can volunteer abroad. You could advertise what your target amount is which might spur people into buying some of your items. This may add value to your items too – people will feel happier buying items from you if they know the money is going towards a great cause.

Add more value to your stall by making and selling some homemade cakes, biscuits, jams or chutneys. You can’t go wrong with some delicious homemade food.

Alternatively, you could use online selling sites/apps such as eBay or Depop, to raise cash from the comfort of your own home. You’ll be surprised by how much people are prepared to pay if you provide a good photograph and a detailed description of the item.

Fundraising Through Odd Jobs

Get creative around your neighbourhood and offer your services to raise money. Make sign advertising to passers by that you are raising money to go volunteering abroad. Take a look around and see what your neighbours might need help with: you could take up dog walking, car washing, ironing, weeding and lawn mowing or even help your neighbour paint their fences?

Fundraising Using Your Social Media

Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter are all great ways for you to spread the word about your upcoming project as well as advertising your fundraising activities. Your social media contacts may sponsor you, buy something you’re selling or allow you to do an odd job for them. Whatever the response, make sure you follow up the offers of support with a call or a private message, then thank them publicly when they donate if they allow you to.

Fundraising By Starting on Online Fundraising Account

We have partnered up with a website called where you can set up an account, tell people about yourself and the programme you will be volunteering on, and potentially received donations from people that will go towards your trip. You could also use GoRaise to help you raise money towards your travels. Using social media to advertise your account will enable you to maximise its publicity and hopefully allow you to gain more donations.

Don’t forget to explore scholarship opportunities!

There are plenty of scholarships out there for participants in study and volunteer programs abroad. Check the following resource and see if you are eligible to apply to some of them.

Are you ready to confirm your placement and begin your fundraising journey? If so, then book now!