Comprised of an astonishing number of volcanic islands, Indonesia is truly unique in its geographical complexity and cultural variety, making it a brilliant country in which to volunteer.

Volunteer in Indonesia

This sprawling archipelago is home to the booming metropolis of Jakarta, idyllic Bali and the largest economy in Southeast Asia.

Lush rainforest accounts for around 60% of Indonesia’s landmass, so as you might imagine the range of species which this kind of environment supports is vast. Volunteers on our Orangutan, Sun Bear and Wildlife Rescue project will be based on the beautiful and varied island of Sulawesi. Sadly the area is used prolifically in the illegal wildlife trade so relies largely on the help of volunteers to ensure the continued support its animal protection projects.

Take advantage of the warm waters which surround Sulawesi and spend your free time away from the project on a diving excursion. Sites such as Bunaken Island which sits at the northern tip of Sulawesi are unrivaled in terms of their biodiversity. Bunaken Island would be a true paradise for diving enthusiasts or anyone interested in marine photography. You’re sure to build up and appetite in Sulawesi, so don’t miss your chance to try the local food. Indonesian food is famous for its vibrant colours and intense flavours, so sample delicacies like the seafood dish Woku or the beef rib Konro and experience the complex mix of flavours that are present in traditional Sulawesian food.

To view Sulawesi from another angle, why not consider spending a weekend climbing one of the volcanoes which are a defining feature of its dramatic landscape. Breathtaking views of the island and its surroundings wait at the top of Mahawa, Lokon and Klabat. Or perhaps back at sea level you could visit Gorontalo and see the Taruna Remaja Square for an insight into the local culture and history.

Volunteer with Kaya in Indonesia where you’ll spend time in one of the most intriguing places on earth, and gain an insight into the realities of poaching and rescue, and the challenges facing wildlife in the region.


Here are some important facts about Indonesia:

  • Population 255,993,674 July 2015 estimate
  • Language – Bahasa Indonesia (official, modified form of Malay), English, Dutch, local dialects (of which the most widely spoken is Javanese) totalling over 700
  • Religion – Muslim 87.2%, Christian 7%, Roman Catholic 2.9%, Hindu 1.7%, other 0.9% (includes Buddhist and Confucian), unspecified 0.4%
  • Currency – Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
  • Climate – tropical; hot, humid; more moderate in highlands

Source: www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook

Wildlife Rescue Centre Volunteering in Indonesia

Volunteer and help care for orangutans, sun bears, monkeys, crocodiles, and a wide range of birds at this wildlife rescue centre.

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