Latin America is a continent of ancient history, culture and natural wonders including the stunning Amazon, Manu Biosphere and Mindo Cloud Forest. The region was the cradle of powerful ancient civilizations such as The Inca and The Maya, and is a meeting of European influences and mingled with indigenous identities and diverse ecosystems. It is a perfect location for a gap year, volunteer or internship in locations such as Ecuador, Belize and Costa Rica but be warned you may fall in love!

Welcome to Latin America

Latin America is famous for its biodiversity and its impressive natural features including the highest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls, the largest river by volume, Amazon, the longest mountain range, The Andes and the driest place on earth, the Atacama Desert. It yields the most biodiverse rainforest in the world, The Amazon Rainforest, which is home to more than half of all the world’s species of plants and animals.

The region was the seat of some of the greatest ancient civilizations like the Inca, The Maya and The Aztec. While the ancient civilizations spanned across the continent, there is a rich diversity in the history of each country, their communities and traditions. Nothing can compare to the drums of the indigenous Quechua in Peru or the sound of waves on the Costa Rican shoreline. You can reveal in the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, the impressive salt flats of Bolivia or the stunning Galapagos islands. It has something to offer everyone.

The richness of Latin American culture has developed from ancient traditions, colonial influences and the mixing of different ethnicities immigrating to the region. Spanish and Portuguese are the majority languages in Latin America and you can find over 600 native languages throughout the continent.  While there is a rich history and culture the divide between the rich and poor is larger in Latin America than most other continents.

Volunteers play an instrumental role in the continual sustainability and growth of our projects. There are many grassroots initiatives that understand the struggles of the communities they work within and are able to support them on multiple levels. From creating Healthy Kitchens in Peru, to Building and Organic Farming in Belize you can find a project that utilizes your skills and allows for personal growth.

Since Latin America has such vast natural resources, plant and animals it has become a target for exploitation. That makes environmental and wildlife conservation  projects such an important aspect of the future of Latin America through education, research and hands on work. There are amazing projects like Turtle and Marine Environmental Conservation and Education in Ecuador or Environmental Conservation on Biological Stations in the Amazon and on the Coast which have made important and forward thinking impacts in the world of conservation.

Just as Latin America is diverse, so are the options offered by Kaya. Several of our projects do require some previous Spanish speaking skills and you can enhance your knowledge by adding on spanish lessons – there is no better way to learn a language then in the country it is spoken!  All our placements that require Spanish have been assessed in line with the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR), to help the projects and volunteers understand what is needed to make the placement a success.

Explore the many options available to you and get to know more about the amazing locations and projects offered by Kaya. Make the world a little smaller by making your heart a little bigger and participating in a project!

Latin American countries with volunteer projects

Volunteer in Belize

Click here to checkout our varied volunteer projects in Belize

Volunteer in Bolivia

Click here to checkout our varied volunteer projects in Bolivia

Volunteer in Costa Rica

Click here to checkout our varied volunteer projects in Costa Rica

Volunteer in Ecuador

Click here to checkout our varied volunteer projects in Ecuador

Volunteer in Peru

Click here to checkout our varied volunteer projects in Peru

Our Latin America Projects

Social Work Internship with Young Mothers in Peru
Intern in Cusco for a social centre that supports young mothers
Multimedia Internship in Peru
Multimedia internship in Peru to develop your CV/resume and help while supporting biodiversity conservation
Summer Study Abroad and Service in Peru – Business, Communication and Tourism Track
Combine study abroad and volunteering this summer in Cusco, Peru.
Summer Study Abroad and Service in Peru – Health and Nutrition Track
Combine study abroad and volunteering this summer in Cusco, Peru.
Summer Study Abroad and Service in Peru – Social, Art and Culture Track
Combine study abroad and volunteering this summer in Cusco, Peru.
Environmental Conservation Internship in Peru
Environmental conservation internship in Peru to develop your CV/resume and help with scientific research
Veterinary Internship in Ecuador
Join us as on this veterinary internship in Ecuador and contribute to improving the welfare of wildlife while developing your CV/Resume
Fair Trade Internship in the Amazon Rainforest
Join our Fair Trade Internship in the Amazon Rainforest at a unique tea project doing sustainable economic development, cultural preservation and conservation.
Volunteering for 16 and 17 year olds in Costa Rica
Spend your holidays doing something different and help others through volunteering overseas. Work on 1 of 4 projects in Costa Rica that accept 16 and 17 year olds.
Marine Conservation Internship in Belize
Based on a tiny private island in the Sapodilla Cayes, off the coast of Punta Gorda, this marine conservation project researches issues affecting the world’s second largest coral reef.
Amazon Rainforest Wildlife Rescue in Ecuador
In partnership with a local indigenous family that lives in the Amazon rainforest, this centre rehabilitates wild animals from the jungle that were victims of abuse and animal trafficking.
Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica
Volunteer on this Sea Turtle conservation project and protect female sea turtles, their nests and hatchlings on beaches along the coasts of Costa Rica.

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