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Volunteer in Latin America

Latin America is a continent of ancient history, culture and natural wonders including the stunning Amazon, Manu Biosphere and Mindo Cloud Forest. The region was the cradle of powerful ancient civilizations such as The Inca and The Maya, and is a meeting of European influences and mingled with indigenous identities and diverse ecosystems. It is a perfect location for a gap year, volunteer or internship in locations such as Ecuador, Belize and Costa Rica but be warned you may fall in love!


Intern or volunteer in Belize and get involved with various community projects from teaching or healthcare placements, or alternatively Marine Conservation.


Intern or volunteer in Bolivia while working with children, wildlife, abused women, or health and medical in the communities.


Intern or volunteer in Costa Rica in this paradise, in this land of contrasting terrain, expansive coastline, active volcanoes, bustling cities and tropical rainforests!


Intern or volunteer in Ecuador, undoubtedly one of the most geographically diverse places to visit in the world.


Intern or volunteer in Peru, vibrant ‘Land of the Incas’ and immerse yourself in Andean culture, delve into rich Latin American traditions, discover ancient wonders and observe diverse wildlife.


Volunteer in Brazil on a wildlife conservation project to help define ecological corridors supported by some of the worlds’ scientists in the field.


Well known for its awe-inspiring mountains and beautiful beaches, it is the kind and friendly people that make the island a home away from home. Jamaicans are said to be some of the friendliest people in the world.


Intern or volunteer in the Cayman Island projects. Explore diverse marine life in one of the best diving locations in the world!

Volunteer in Africa

Africa is a diverse continent, with peoples from the tribal Masai Mara to the cosmopolitan city inhabitants of Cape Town, and endangered wildlife from the Big 5 to Whale Sharks. With an array of adventure sports at the stunning Victoria Falls and the beaches of Zanzibar there is plenty to fill your free time. It is the ideal location for those looking for a gap year, volunteer or internship project focusing on community development, conservation or healthcare.


Intern or volunteer in Botswana and experience life in one of the few truly wild areas left on earth. A sparsely populated country in Southern Africa, Botswana is home to some of the continent’s most iconic landscapes and is famed for its spectacular wildlife.


Intern or volunteer in Eswatini, where you can experience strong African culture and traditions and explore its dramatic landscapes comprising of undulating mountains and unique rock formations. It’s an enchanting country with extremely friendly and laidback people.


Intern or volunteer in Ghana while working with children, wildlife, abused women, or health and medical in the communities.


Intern or volunteer in Kenya famed for spectacular wildlife, Mount Kenya and the colourful vitality of its people, volunteers will find Kenya an inspiring and rewarding place to volunteer their time. 


Intern or volunteer in Morocco and explore Moroccan ancient cities and extensive desert while learning about its rich traditional culture through its people’s hospitality.


Intern or volunteer in Mozambique, the home of the Limpopo National Park, the Zambezi river and a 2500km tropical coastline. Explore this increasingly popular destination for ecotourists and nature lovers. 


Intern or volunteer in Namibia, characterised by arid expanses like the Kalahari desert and the Namib Sand Sea, Namibia holds within its borders some of the most sublime and dramatic landscapes in all of Africa. Experience the vibrancy of one of the most intriguing countries on the continent. 


Intern or volunteer in South
Africa, a country which draws in more visitors than anywhere else in the continent. It could be described as ‘a world in one country’ due to its contrasting terrain, rolling mountains, lively cities, vast array of wildlife, spectacular vistas and gleaming rivers and oceans.


Intern or volunteer in Tanzania and enjoy its contrasting and colourful landscapes, and be welcomed with a smile by the Tanzanian locals. See turquoise waters of the Indian ocean, wander along stunning white sandy beaches of Zanzibar and become immersed in the tribal culture in the tranquil coastal villages. 


Intern or volunteer in Uganda and make a sustainable impact on disadvantaged communities while enjoying the vitality of scenery, wildlife and the warm and welcoming aura of its people.​


Intern or volunteer in Zambia, a wonderful country that boasts a fusion of ethnicities, African traditions and tribal customs. Its vast flood plains and river valleys coupled with its tropical climate are bound to entice you to explore as much of this country as you possibly can. 


Intern or volunteer in Zimbabwe and help projects address the often overwhelming needs of the wildlife and communities amongst its stunning landscapes. Situated within the tropics of Southern Africa, it boasts one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls, on its western border with Zambia.

Volunteer in Asia-Pacific

The Asia-Pacific region is vast and Asia is the largest and most populated continent in the world, with cultural and environmental diversity from the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat to the coral seas of Borneo. Amongst the bustling cities and the tranquil countryside are locations where those looking for a gap year, volunteer or internship can immerse themselves in the meshing of ancient traditions with the modern world in locations such as India, China and Thailand.


Intern or volunteer in Australia and experience the magnificence of this island continent through its diverse dramatic mountains, lush rainforests, endless deserts and bustling cities.


Intern or volunteer in Borneo, Asia’s largest island, home to astonishingly diverse and ancient rainforests give way to stunning sandy beaches and tropical waters. It’s wealth of natural beauty combined with its welcoming communities make it a fantastic place to volunteer.


Intern or volunteer in Cambodia, home of the Khmer empire, and immerse yourself in a rich story of ancient history, tragedy and people striving for better futures


Intern or volunteer in China, a country that must be explored to be understood. Home to the Great Wall, the Jiuzhaigou Valley and the Terracotta Army, China’s history and culture is rich and varied, and its 1.357 billion people are part of a society that is unique in its magnitude, its values and its global impact.


Intern or volunteer india, home of Bollywood, the Taj Mahal and over a billion people. India certainly marches to the beat of its own drum. Its bustling cities, mountains, sandy beaches and exhilarating culture make it a captivating place to volunteer.


Intern or volunteer in Indonesia, comprised of an astonishing number of volcanic islands, Indonesia is truly unique in its geographical complexity and cultural variety, making it a brilliant country in which to volunteer.


Intern or volunteer in Nepal, home of the Himalayas, the birthplace of Buddha and the country of peace and love. Nepal is a country of sharp contrasts, between some of the most beautiful landscapes and some of the poorest people in the world.


Intern or volunteer in Vietnam, a country with immense cultural and geographical diversity, from shimmering paddy fields, misty highlands and lavishly carved pagodas to unspoiled beaches and lively cities, this country will certainly inspire you.


Intern or volunteer in the Philippines, a country made up of more than 7000 islands where you will instantly be welcomed by the warm and upbeat people. The Philippines are geographically and culturally distinctive from mainland Southeast Asia; encounter coral reefs, tropical rainforests, lush green rice fields, busy cities and influences of the spanish colonial era.


Intern or volunteer in Sri Lanka, a country with a true melting pot of people, culture and ideas, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Comprising of dense forests, roaring waterfalls, interesting architecture, tasty food, endless beaches and diverse wildlife, Sri Lanka is a wonderful place to volunteer and there is something appealing for everybody.


Intern or volunteer in Thailand, also known as the “Land of Smiles”. Delve into this country’s exotic temples, thick green jungles, spicy cuisine and glimmering oceans.


Intern or volunteer in Vietnam, an intriguing history and varying influences from the Chinese regal dynasties to the French colonial period. Vietnam has immense cultural and geographical diversity, from shimmering paddy fields, misty highlands and lavishly carved pagodas to unspoiled beaches and lively cities, this country will certainly inspire you.

Intern or volunteer in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

With over 150 sustainable community development and environmental initiatives in Asia, Africa and Latin America there will be plenty of projects to suit your skills. Please connect with a Kaya advisor to find out more.