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University Group Programs

Are you looking for a provider that understands university requirements, your unique needs, and the nuances and complexities of international education?

University Group Programs

Who We Are
Kaya designs socially conscious educational group programs in Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. With our industry knowledge, local network and responsible travel lens, our structured programs deliver on your unique learning goals while providing global insights and cross-cultural engagement. We will work with you from start to finish to create a program that you and your group will never forget.

  • Responsible. Committed to progressing sustainable practices.
  • Local. Drawing upon invaluable local expertise.
  • Culturally Immersive. Incorporating cultural immersion into every program.
  • Educational. Delivering on your unique learning goals.
  • Off the Beaten Path. Guiding you to underrepresented study abroad locations.
  • Aligned With the UN SDGs. Encouraging discussions around sustainability in action.
  • Supported and Structured. Allowing you to travel with ease.
  • Customizable. Working with your wild and wonderful ideas.

Why Choose Kaya for Your University Group Program?

Kaya has been developing exciting group programs, navigating safety and liability and providing unparalleled support for faculty, higher ed professionals and university students for over ten years.

Safety and Liability

This is of the utmost importance to us. We are guided by the U.S. Department of State, local governmental regulations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and your institutional guidelines. All group programs are protected by $5 million in liability insurance.

Your Support Team

Our team provides personalized support from start to finish, assisting you with everything from program design to implementation. All of our group programs include 24/7 support and emergency response on the ground so you can focus on your program objectives.

Your Program Goals

Whatever your program goals, we are committed to advancing them. Whether you are a faculty leader, study abroad professional or student leader, we are here to help you immerse your group in another culture and facilitate learning and reflection.

Faculty-Led Groups

Faculty-led group programs are all about learning in action. Whether you have an itinerary in mind or want us to help you navigate the local culture in a responsible way, we will help you deliver an impactful and engaging program. The itinerary we propose will be fully customized to your group’s learning objectives and, if applicable, tied back to the UN SDGs.

While working with your needs and budget, your program may include cultural excursions, guided tours, local university or business site visits, internship or service-learning activities, cultural workshops, language classes, lectures or discussions with local experts, or meet-and-greets with local interest groups such as university students. We can also work with your existing itinerary or local connections.

For accommodations, we may propose homestays with experienced local families, local hotels, or dorm-style housing. Whatever we propose is up for discussion, and our personalized support will continue through program implementation as we work to deliver a program that aligns with your university’s requirements. At each stage, we will help you navigate any challenges that arise, providing marketing materials for recruitment, for example, or providing guidance on flights or Visa applications. Every faculty’s needs are different, and we are here to meet you where you are. We will do all of this within a responsible, socially conscious framework, providing your group with the cultural context and local expertise you need to succeed.

Alternative Breaks

Alternative breaks for groups are all about making a difference. Our responsible, socially conscious framework ensures that your work will make a lasting impact on the local community just as you grow together. All of our service-learning projects are sustainable and locally-led, and our responsible framework means that we always provide cultural context and personalized support so your group can get the most out of the experience.

Whether you are interested in helping out at an after-school program, lending a hand at an animal sanctuary or working together to build infrastructure, we can help you achieve your goals. Depending on your desires, needs and budget, you may wish to include additional activities in the itinerary like guided tours of must-see destinations, cultural workshops, cooking or dance classes or scheduled reflection sessions, to name a few options.

And of course, we can always incorporate learning objectives and academic goals into the program as well. No matter where you are in the brainstorming or planning process, we can work with you to deliver a memorable and meaningful experience abroad!

Cohort Groups

Whether you are looking to plan a group trip for an academic or social cohort of university students, we can help you achieve your program goals. Cohorts are a great way for students to explore the world and work together on a joint project, or even complete individual internships for their university.

We often plan months-long trips for university cohorts that involve internship placements tailored to each student’s academic requirements, weekend excursions for the group, group dinners and activities and local homestays. Let us know what your goals are and we can help design a program to suit your particular needs and requirements.

Choose one location or multiple, one project or several. The options might surprise you!

Virtual Programs

Are you looking to expose students to the world – from home? Virtual programming for classes or cohorts can help faculty and universities incorporate cross-cultural engagement and international education into the syllabus while navigating travel limitations or hesitancy.

We have found that virtual programming can empower students to go abroad. Many students form true connections with their workshop leaders or local “buddies” and wish to meet them in person, or they simply become curious about another place or culture. We can customize your virtual program to suit your group’s unique needs, incorporating informal chats with locals, structured cultural workshops on topics of your choice, guest lectures on academic or cultural topics, site visits and virtual activities, long-term internship projects or service-learning projects – and much more.

We are excited to help you expose students to new cultures and a world of travel!

“I went there to teach, but in the end, I was the one who learned something. I used to see service as a duty. A duty to help those less fortunate than I was. This experience taught me humility – a humbleness that no matter how old you are, no matter what kind of education you’ve received, you can always learn something from someone else.”

Mohammed | Texas A&M

“The best thing about Kaya is its people. I love working with them. I like their business model, and it aligns with what our faculty want to do – offering more hands-on experience.”

Emily | Study Abroad Office, NE

Which Countries Do We Operate Group Programs In?

What's the Process? How Do I Start a Group Program?


Whether you have a full itinerary or just an exciting idea, we will work with you where you are. Contact us below.


After you inquire, we will reach out to discuss your learning objectives and vision.

Proposal & Review

We will then take our conversation and turn it into a proposed itinerary and quote for you to review. From here we work with you to fine-tune it.


We will support you through your approval process with any necessary paperwork or assessments your institution requires.


We will work with you to assist in recruitment and group support pre-departure, including a pre-departure presentation.


With 24/7 support on the ground, you are ready to explore. We can’t wait to hear all about the impact of your trip!