Volunteer in the Philippines with Kaya, a country made up of more than 7000 islands where you will instantly be welcomed by the warm and upbeat people. The Philippines are geographically and culturally distinctive from mainland Southeast Asia; encounter coral reefs, tropical rainforests, lush green rice fields, busy cities and influences of the spanish colonial era.

    Volunteering in Philippines

    The projects that Kaya offer in the Philippines are all community-based and located in Tacloban city. Those with experience in nutrition or public health, volunteer on the Nutrition project which focuses on prevention of malnutrition. Help raise awareness of the plight of Filipino communities directly affected by typhoon Haiyan with the Media and photography project to support an NGO. For those keen on supporting women’s empowerment, we have a project which improves the futures of abused women.

    Following the massive destruction caused by typhoon Haiyan, volunteer work is vital in the Philippines and the projects are more challenging than others in the Kaya portfolio because of the need to rebuild the communities and the futures of the Filipino population. Poverty remains a significant issue in the Philippines, making the recovery effort even more urgent.

    At the weekends, travel to Padre Burgos on the south coast which has amazing snorkeling and diving spots. Visit the island of Kalanggaman off the west coast of Leyte, you can walk around the whole island in ten minutes and there are no houses so experience camping on the beach! If you fancy taking a city break, Tacloban airport has daily flights to Cebu City and the capital Manila. For a taste of authentic Filipino cuisine, try Adobo, the national dish, or a local delicacy, deep fried banana.

    Why not add on an extra week or two to your trip and attempt to climb Mount Mayon, one of the world’s most perfectly cone-shaped volcanoes. It is very cheap and easy to fly to neighbouring countries like Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam, if you fancy seeing more of Southeast Asia.

    Volunteer in the Philippines with Kaya, bring your energy, skills and resilience to ongoing projects which are restoring hope to the lives of the vulnerable in the Philippine community.


    Here are some important facts about the Philippines:

    • Population 100,998,376 July 2015 estimate
    • Language – Filipino (official; based on Tagalog) and English (official); eight major dialects – Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, Hiligaynon or Ilonggo, Bicol, Waray, Pampango, and Pangasinan
    • Religion – Catholic 82.9% (Roman Catholic 80.9%, Aglipayan 2%), Muslim 5%, Evangelical 2.8%, Iglesia ni Kristo 2.3%, other Christian 4.5%, other 1.8%, unspecified 0.6%, none 0.1% (2000 census)
    • Currency – Philippine Peso (PHP)
    • Climate – tropical marine; northeast monsoon (November to April); southwest monsoon (May to October)


    Volunteer At A School for Deaf Children in The Philippines
    Volunteer At A School for Deaf Children in The Philippines and share your sign language skills with children and local teachers to improve their education
    Work in a Rural Health Clinic in the Philippines
    Volunteer and work in a rural health clinic in stricken Tacloban and gain experience working with a local team serving the impoverished communities of Leyte province.
    Improve Nutritional Standards in The Philippines
    Make a fundamental improvement to your own life and the vulnerable living by volunteering and helping to improve nutritional standards in Tacloban City.
    Work in an Orphanage in the Philippines
    Come and volunteer in Tacloban City in the Philippines and work in an orphanage supporting the vulnerable that have been further affected by the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan.
    Work in a Young Offenders Rehabilitation Centre in the Philippines
    Work in a young offenders rehabilitation centre in the Philippines and reach out to those who've had a troubled past and give them a chance at a new way of life.
    Teach English in Rural Schools in the Philippines
    Volunteer in Tacloban, hit heavily by Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013 and give rural, impoverished children a valuable boost for their future by teaching them English.
    NGO Media and Photography Project in the Philippines
    Volunteer in the Philippines for a grassroots NGO and raise awareness through media and photography of the socioeconomic issues facing Filipino people.
    Help Improve the Futures of Abused Women in the Philippines
    Volunteer and help improve the lives of abused women in the Philippines by providing skills and education.
    Family Volunteering: Community Child Support in the Philippines
    Volunteer with your family in the Philippines and work on community child support activities targeting those that survived the devastation brought by Typhoon Haiyan.
    Building Project in the Philippines
    Volunteer on a building project in the Philippines and help with the ongoing enormous relief effort needed following Typhoon Yolanda in November 2013.

    Easy 3-step application process

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    TELEPHONE INTERVIEW Once we’ve received your application, we’ll be in touch to arrange your informal telephone interview with your Kaya Placement Advisor.

    GET PREPARED When you’ve been accepted onto your project we’ll send you your Welcome Pack and lots of other helpful information to assist you with preparing for your placement.


    We pride ourselves on providing you high quality placement information throughout your application process and whilst on the ground. Connect with us if you have any questions.

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