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With so much information available on the internet about travelling and living responsibly we’ve gathered some links to websites that you might find useful. Whether you’re looking for travel advice or suggestions on how to live responsibly at home there’s plenty of information on these sites to point you in the right direction.

Educational Institutions that Support Volunteering Abroad

University of Derby – Career Development Centre: Derby university encourages students in many of their faculties to get their work experience on volunteer projects.

Tourism Boards

If you’re thinking of volunteering in a country but want to know a bit more about what you can see and do whilst you’re there, check out some information from their tourism boards!

Travel Advice

FCO: The British Government travel advice site is a global resource for details about your safety abroad.

A US Citizen’s Guide to Travel Safety Abroad: A resource bank for travellers from the US.

Travel Tips for US Citizens: A checklist of safety tips to consider before you travel and whilst in the country.

Travelling with a Medical Condition: A guide to travelling with a medical condition.

Travel Safety: Tips to keep save whilst travelling overseas.

Volunteering in the UK

Don’t just limit yourself to volunteering abroad! There are plenty of organisations here in the UK that are greatly in need of volunteer support.

Volunteering England: Volunteering England has a country-wide network within England with drop-in centres for advice on choosing a location where you can help. VInspired connects 14-25 year old with volunteering opportunities in England.

Other related links

Online Language Courses: If you want to learn the language before you volunteer, why not take an online language course before you go?

Gap Year Travel Store: For all your Gap Year and Volunteering Abroad needs, check out the Gap Year Travel Store for reviews on the latest gear, travel tips and all the essentials for travel.

Caxton FX Visa Currency Card – Caxton FX Visa currency cards help thousands of travellers exchange currency at a competitive rate, provide a safe way carry currency overseas and make it easy to exchange and access travel money – at home or abroad.