Kaya’s Ecuador projects unaffected by recent earthquake and volunteers are still much needed. Financial aid for earthquake victims to follow

We are relieved to announce that Kaya’s Ecuador projects have not been damaged by the earthquake that hit on 16th April 2016 and claimed so many lives.  Our thoughts go out to those who have lost loved ones, homes and businesses or are still waiting for news.

Kaya’s projects are located in Quito, the Amazon and in other areas away from the epicentre of the disaster.  Our projects in Ecuador advertised on our website are still operating and volunteers are needed to continue to support their goals, as well as bringing much needed money into the Ecuadorian economy.

Any volunteers joining us in Ecuador in the near future will be contacted with a list of appropriate supplies that can be donated to help local relief efforts.  We will be announcing how to support earthquake victims through financial donations to coordinated aid efforts later this week.