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This year and beyond, education institutions need access to high quality remote cultural programs and collaborative online international learning opportunities.

While nothing can replace the in-person experience, we understand that travel isn’t always possible for a number of reasons. Kaya remote experiences make travel accessible, support your campus internationalization, and develop compassionate, educated global citizens.

Kaya’s approach means that we consider the ethical and cultural concerns of what a “responsible remote opportunity” means. We only offer remote opportunities where our local partners and their communities are eager to engage with schools and universities remotely and that will be mutually beneficial for all parties involved. Together we identify opportunities in each location that have the connectivity and support necessary for the remote offering.

Choose from our menu of engaging remote international opportunities, but don’t let us limit your thinking! We can customize programs that will meet your academic and extracurricular needs.

Dive into the local expertise


Remote cultural workshops led by our In-country Directors are an engaging alternative to the cultural activities you might do with locals when visiting their country. Cultural workshops are excellent opportunities to bring the world into the classroom for faculty members who would like to supplement their academic coursework with perspectives from locals. Choose from set topics such as gastronomy, modern culture, and relationships, or we can customize workshops to meet your interests.


We can set up virtual site visits with local organizations, schools, environmental research centers, fair-trade businesses, and social enterprises. Within our lens of community development and sustainability, we can coordinate interviews and virtual walkthroughs to meet your course learning objectives.


With Kaya’s in-country presence, we have a wide network of local experts and community leaders across NGOs, human rights and social justice, conservation and environmental studies, healthcare and more. If there are themed topics or other academic areas that you would like to explore in Kaya’s locations, we can provide samples upon request. Consider comparative virtual lectures from experts in different countries!

Bring hands-on cultural experience to class


Our network of university-aged local buddies around the world are eager to connect with your students for language or cultural exchange! Local buddies will meet with students virtually to chat informally about their lives and culture. Kaya can provide topics and prompts for discussion. Local buddies are available in Morocco, South Africa, Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), Ghana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, India, Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Belize, Costa Rica, and Jamaica.


With the remote engagement of students on capacity-building projects and remote research, Kaya’s community partners around the globe can continue to push forward their great initiatives tackling social or environmental issues. Virtual project-based learning and remote research are excellent ways to connect theory to practice, and all while supporting a worthy cause!


Kaya can help you meet your learning goals and objectives remotely for a customized virtual faculty-led program. The process begins with a consultation for us to better understand your desired outcomes. Together we will discuss possible opportunities that could be a good fit and Kaya will develop a proposal with suggested activities and costs. You can mix and match from our menu of activities such as virtual cultural workshops, online buddy chats, remote guest speakers, remote site visits, online research, remote field projects, remote internships abroad, and more!

Bridge the Gap with GAP Programming

As more graduating high school seniors reconsider starting their college career straight away and current university students weigh their academic options, Kaya is here to help you consider remote Gap Year or Gap Semester programming that will help you convert and retain students at your institution. Kaya can work together with multiple departments such as the Global Office, First Year Experience, and Admissions to develop Gap programming under your university brand with the aim of keeping students engaged and in the pipeline for future enrollment.

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LAURA SMITH University Relations and Customized Groups Manager

EMILY TONG University Relations & Customized Group Coordinator

Contact us to start the conversation! Half formed ideas are welcomed, and don’t be shy – we love the challenge and creativity of wild and wonderful requests!


In which locations are virtual cultural opportunities available?
With in-country teams based in 30 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Oceania, we can offer a wide range of experiences around the world. Depending on the type of opportunity you are looking for, we can advise on the locations that would be the best fit and have the connectivity to support your experience.
Why work with Kaya remotely?
With ground teams in-country year-round, we have long-standing networks already in place in the communities where we work. This allows us to provide exceptional service and support while drawing from local knowledge and expertise. We strive to create the best experience possible for our participants, while also working towards the best outcomes for the host communities.
How much do online cultural experiences cost?
The majority of our virtual cultural experiences for academic institutions are customized to supplement your curriculums and program needs. We will work with you to identify the options that best match your needs and budget.
Can a remote international experience replace the real thing?
Nothing can replace the in-person experience of travel and we do hope your students make it to the host country one day soon! When travel isn’t possible though, you can still facilitate the development of important cross-cultural skills and cultural consciousness. During the school year online cultural engagement is a valuable supplemental tool to integrate real-world and meaningful experiences into the classroom while igniting the spark for travel! One day your students will hop on a plane as responsible travelers – well prepared and with a deeper cultural awareness.
Can I get a free consultation?
Yes! It is free to chat with us! We would love to learn about your ideas, goals and objectives. We can discuss the possibilities and from there we will develop a proposal with options and costs that are aligned with your interests and budget.
What kind of support do you offer?
Faculty and staff will have access to Kaya’s dedicated University Relations Team to help co-create and customize the experience needed to fulfill your needs and requirements. Likewise, students pursuing individual remote experiences will have the support of Kaya’s Placement Advisors to guide them every step of the way through their remote journey – from the application process to career development.

Looking for individual opportunities for your students?


Also known as virtual internships or online internships, our placements in Ecuador, Morocco, South Africa and Vietnam are combined with cultural workshops and local buddy connections so you can learn the culture from those who know best – the locals.


Participate in an online Amazon Wildlife Conversation Course taught by an Ecuadorian conservationist and gain some valuable knowledge on wildlife management and rehabilitation.


Learn French or Arabic in Morocco or Spanish in Ecuador with a fun and engaging program of language classes, cultural workshops, and local buddy chats


Explore the cultures of Morocco, South Africa, Vietnam, or Ecuador with interactive Cultural Workshops and engaging Local Buddy Chats