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An opportunity for Kaya alumni!

Helping Kaya alumni get abroad again!

Exclusive to our Kaya alumni, we are proud to partner with TravelBud to offer a discount on their unique paid teaching programs. Open for travel now, this is a great opportunity to continue your travels and experience a new culture, while developing teaching skills, AND getting paid! TravelBud’s opportunities are ideal for those wanting to further extend their travel experience and looking to gain longer-term international work experience. 

TravelBud’s programs operate in 6 destinations across Asia and Latin America: Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Costa Rica.

TravelBud’s Unique Program!

When you sign up to join the TravelBud program you get;

  1. Expert guidance from one of TravelBud’s team of former participants and teachers abroad

  2. Guaranteed placements at carefully selected schools that meet TravelBud’s criteria for working conditions, salaries, and a successful teach abroad experience. If a job interview doesn’t result in a placement being offered, TravelBud’s guaranteed placement means they don’t stop until you are offered a position

  3. 24/7 Hands-on Support which includes full support in preparing for the trip (visas, complex document collection process, etc.) as well as full support throughout the duration of the TEFL course and job placement, including a 24-hour emergency line in each destination

  4. Multiple program options to meet the needs of a wider audience of travelers:
    • In-person TEFL course and Job Placement (TEFL certification completed during first month in each destination prior to job placement) – highest quality and most popular option pre-COVID
    • Online TEFL course and Job Placement (TEFL certification completed and job placement confirmed from home prior to departure) – most popular option since COVID
    • Job Placement Only (for those already TEFL certified from another TEFL course provider) – booking volume has grown considerably since COVID

  5. Tailored TEFL training for specific countries: Most TEFL courses are generalized to teaching abroad in any country and lack the training needed to excel in the work and cultural setting unique to each country. Because ofTravelBud’s guarantee job placements, their courses are also designed based on what they know the top schools are looking for

  6. Lifetime of free guaranteed placements: Once someone completes their first placement successfully through TravelBud’s, they will be able to enjoy guaranteed placement, cultural orientations, and 24/7 in-country support in any of TravelBud’s other destinations they’re eligible for.

  7. In-depth cultural orientations: People choose to teach abroad because of the unique cultural immersion it offers. TravelBud’s programs include a full week of cultural orientation to help participants acclimate to their new cultural environment through a variety of lessons on the local country’s culture, history, politics, and geography and includes multiple cultural excursions like cooking classes, trips to Buddhist temples, Taekwondo classes, and so on.

Click to explore options and ask the TravelBud team about opportunities to travel RIGHT NOW! And remember to tell the team you are a Kaya alumni to get your $30 discount! (and if you sign up with a friend or family member, we’ll extend that discount to them too – just let TravelBud know that Kaya sent you!)

teacher and proud pupil
teachers in training in Vietnam
teachers in training in Vietnam