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Where Does My Money Go? How are my fees spent?

Kaya is a Social Enterprise which means that we are a business with primary social objectives, whose surplus profits can be reinvested into a social cause. We know that volunteers are keen to understand more about how there fees are used. Each project in each location is very different and our proportions vary accordingly. For a 6-week placement fees, on average, are spent as follows: 

Project Donations: 17%

Project donations are included for all of our placements.  These fees can include the costs of running the project, buying resources, staff costs, feeding beneficiaries (wildlife or human) etc. and they vary from project to project, location to location.  Each project placement is unique.  Conservation placements generally have higher costs than community placements, for example, but hands-on work and skills sharing form an equally important role as the extra funds.

In-country expenses: 31%

In-country expenses are costs that are for services and provide incomes for local families and communities.  Specific costs include accommodation in a homestay, volunteer house or other lodgings, at least 2 meals per day for nearly all placements and 3 in others, orientation including cultural and health and safety awareness training and child protection at most sites, airport transfers and project transfers for some placements.  You will need to refer to the “what’s included” section on your project to ascertain how this applies to each project.

Project Management: 22%

Project management refers to setting up the placement and determining the suitability of a placement for a range of volunteers.  All of Kaya’s projects are identified and evaluated by in-country staff before being offered as a placement. This guarantees that a volunteer will be working on genuine projects that are in need of volunteer support with a specific mission that is being worked towards. Once identified, ground staff work with the project leaders to ensure each incoming volunteer is suitably placed, pre-prepared and ready to be received.  Feedback and ongoing monitoring of these projects then ensure we offer continued support to only the best-run projects that can benefit from your help.

Marketing: 12%

The set-up and maintenance of our website, brochures and preparation materials ensure you always have access to the most current information you need to choose and prepare for a project.  Kaya places online advertisements, attends trade and university fairs, and also offers an online chat function.  Alongside tradeshow materials and a small budget for highly efficient advertising, these administrative costs are all essential to securing vital support for the projects worldwide on an ongoing basis.

Volunteer Management: 15%

Volunteer management is essential in supporting volunteers with their project selection through to feedback after their placement.  In-country staff is responsible for taking care of volunteers before and during their placement and are on hand for any emergencies that arise.  The international team manage volunteer queries, before during and after their placement to the volunteer and often to loved ones especially for our younger volunteers.

Admin: 3%

Admin covers operational costs such as bank fees, insurance, tax, staff training and corporate management services that enable Kaya to run.