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5 Reasons to Volunteer In Eswatini for Teens & First Time Travellers

When discussing volunteer abroad or internship placements, the Kaya team are often asked why under 18 and first time travellers should choose Eswatini, especially as many have never heard of it or know anything about it. Here is an introduction to Eswatini and 5 reasons why it is such as a great destination for the younger, more nervous or less experienced traveller.

Eswatini is located next to South Africa and Mozambique. Volunteers and interns arrive into Johannesburg a location that is easily accessible by many airlines, meaning that is easy to book direct flights, avoiding the need to change planes. Volunteers and interns are then collected from the airport and transferred straight to their accommodation by a reliable Swazi company. This is a very easy start to your volunteer abroad or internship placement.

Home to approximately 1.4 million people, Eswatini is a peaceful nation ruled by King Mswati III. Not only is Eswatini a beautiful country with valleys and mountains, it has a lovely climate.  Many people speak English, making it much easier for those who are travelling for the first without their parents, or visiting a destination far away from home. Life moves at an easy pace in Eswatini and you will find it very easy to relax here.

With that in mind, here are 5 simple reasons why Under 18 and first time volunteer abroad participants or interns should choose Eswatini as a destination:

  • Ezulwini is quieter and generally safer, making it an easy introduction for those who are eager to visit Africa for the first time
  • Volunteers will be living and volunteering alongside other similar aged young people
  • The accommodation is located within the grounds of the project office, meaning that it is very easy to raise questions with the local team
  • Volunteers combine the cultural experience with familiar elements of life at home such as a shopping mall, western style restaurants and a cinema!
  • Volunteers can add on escorted excursions after their placements to South Africa to Kruger National Park or Mozambique to see amazing wildlife living in their natural habitats
Lawrence, a 17 year old from the UK , pictured in action on the volunteering abroad building project said “Orientation when I arrived really put me at ease.  I was feeling scared on the plane as I had never been away by myself but the day after I arrived I just thought everything is sweet!”
Lawrence Goodman


So if you are under 18, have never travelled alone before or want to visit Africa but are unsure about where to go, Ewatini could be a great destination for your volunteer abroad or internship experience. Get in touch with one of Kaya’s advisor and find out more about booking an amazing introduction to southern Africa.