If you are an under 18 volunteer, join Kaya to do something worthwhile, meet new international friends and visit an amazing destination all the while developing your CV/resume for college, university or in your job search.

under 18 volunteer on a Kaya volunteer program abroad


If you are an under 18 volunteer, join Kaya to do something worthwhile, meet new international friends and visit an amazing destination all the while developing your CV/resume for college, university or in your job search.

Under 18 volunteer project. Elephant sanctuary Volunteer with the Big 5 Port Elizabeth


If you are an under 18 volunteer, join Kaya to do something worthwhile, meet new international friends and visit an amazing destination all the while developing your CV/resume for college, university or in your job search.

Atenas Volunteers in playground - Costa Rica

Under 18 Volunteer projects

What age do I need to be to volunteer?

With Kaya, your age shouldn’t stand in the way! We have over 30 projects available to 16 and 17-year-olds, across our most popular countries – check these out below – and a special summer program for 13-15 year old in South Africa.

What’s more, if you’re under 18, but have a friend or family member who is over 18 to volunteer with you, then they can act as your legal guardian on a number of our programs. We appreciate the dedication and eagerness that younger volunteers bring to our projects and, where possible, we work to lower our age limits.

Our placements for under 18’s are selected to provide a greater level of supervision, with the same impactful work as all our Kaya projects.

How do I get started?

If you are under 18 and interested in volunteering, get in touch with one of our advisors today and we’ll find a great project that’s right for you! We’ll talk you through everything to find you the perfect placement, and support you throughout your journey. Don’t let your age stand between you and the world! Become a better global citizen with Kaya!

Make all your friends jealous by jetting off to see the Big 5, work in a children’s centre, help to coach sports or build homes for young people.

If you are interested in protecting the environment, join our reforestation camp in Zambia this summer and help with environmental education, mural painting, solar cookers and tree planting. Alternatively, if you would rather come with people you already know, why not speak to your school about organising a school trip or talk to your family about planning to volunteer for your next summer vacation?

Swaziland is one of our great locations that suit volunteers aged under 18 – read here to find out why!

If you are 16 years old, make sure you take a look at our recent blog post to see what you can do with Kaya.

What do you need to do to take part?

To be considered for our projects, all you need to do is attend a telephone interview, obtain a letter of consent from a parent or guardian and provide a reference from a teacher or trusted, family friend. We expect a high level of maturity from our younger volunteers as you will be treated as, and will be expected to behave as, an adult. Remember, as a volunteer, you are there to help others and not to be tended to – but also know that in your volunteering you will learn and grow in life-changing ways.

Resource for parents

Many parents find international volunteering to be a great option for their teenager’s summer or holiday plans. Contact one of our advisors to learn about the benefits of these opportunities for your child.

We have a number of great resources to help you support you in planning with your family. Check these out here!


Take a look through our projects

Gap Year: Wildlife Volunteering in Africa
Have a fantastic adventure during your Gap Year: and participate in Wildlife Volunteering in Africa placements, observing and helping lions, chimpanzees and dolphins in their habitats
Gap Year: Round the World On a Budget
Build interesting volunteering experiences to your itinerary, and meet like-minded new friends and get to know a country before venturing off on your travels
Gap Year: Environmental Conservation in Latin America
Use your gap year to explore some of the world’s most unchartered rain-forests and coastlines in Latin America on our environmental conservation project.
Gap Year: Community Volunteering in Asia
Grab the opportunity during your gap year travels and spend some of your time volunteering on a range of fascinating community projects in India, Thailand and the Philippines.
African Marine and Wildlife Volunteer Adventure Tour
Why not do a bit of everything on this 9 week volunteer and adventure tour that takes you to Mozambique, Swaziland and Kruger National Park in South Africa.
Temple School Construction & Renovation in Thailand
Get involved with tourism development in a rural community of Thailand and help build the future of the local community!
Tree Planting and Environmental Education Summer Initiative in South Africa
Take a hands-on role in reforestation and environmental education by volunteering on this mass action project in South Africa this summer.
Volunteering for 16 and 17 Year Olds in Swaziland
If you are under 18 join this initiative Volunteering for 16 and 17 Year Olds in Swaziland
Volunteering for 16 and 17 Year Olds In India
Join our volunteering for 16 and 17 year olds in India and spend time with other young people developing global citizenship.
Elephant Research and Conservation Volunteering in Zimbabwe
Spend time on elephant research and conservation volunteering in Zimbabwe and gain an incredible insight into efforts to mitigate human-wildlife conflict and learn about research
Girl and Women Empowerment Volunteering in Zambia
Girl and women empowerment volunteering in Zambia offers the opportunity to increase access to education, sport, livelihoods and more.
Volunteer with the Big 5 in Port Elizabeth
Volunteer and have an amazing time working on this game reserve in Port Elizabeth. Work with South Africa's big 5: lion, African elephant, cape buffalo, rhino and leopard.
Volunteering for 16 and 17 year olds in Costa Rica
Spend your holidays doing something different and help others through volunteering overseas. Work on 1 of 4 projects in Costa Rica that accept 16 and 17 year olds.
Amazon Rainforest Wildlife Rescue in Ecuador
In partnership with a local indigenous family that lives in the Amazon rainforest, this centre rehabilitates wild animals from the jungle that were victims of abuse and animal trafficking.
Child Development Volunteering in India
Volunteer in India and help with the provision of child care to disadvantaged children as well as participating in a range of exciting activities essential to Indian culture.
Work in Hospitals and Clinics in Belize
Volunteer in Belize and lend a hand in a public polyclinic or private hospital that serve the local citizens, regardless of income or social standing.
Elephant Welfare Project in Eastern Mahout Communities
Based in Thailand’s Eastern province of Surin, this project works with the communities that have lived and worked with elephants for hundreds of years.

Easy 3-step application process


Click here to apply online and pay your deposit to secure your space on your chosen project. Our advisors will then contact you to guide you through the next steps.


Once we’ve received your application, we’ll be in touch to arrange your informal telephone interview with your Kaya Placement Advisor.


When you’ve been accepted onto your project we’ll send you your Welcome Pack and lots of other helpful information to assist you with preparing for your placement.


We pride ourselves on providing you high quality placement information throughout your application process and whilst on the ground. Connect with us if you have any questions.

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