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Volunteer in North America and discover the vast and dramatic American landscapes of the USA while contributing to preservation and conservation efforts. North America has an abundance of natural attractions between stunning mountain views, waterfalls, and great plains. You can volunteer in North America, as part of a four-week program, to help save and restore historic and cultural resources throughout the United States of America as part of a group!

Volunteer in North America

As the third-largest continent to the World, North America is home to Canada, the USA and Mexico.

American pop culture is, by far, the most famous worldwide, but its rich and diverse landscape is little known to many. Because of its size and the fact that it is framed by two oceans, North America offers so much to do between mountains, beaches and deserts. There is a bit of everything for everyone. All three countries are unique from one another.

America’s history may not be long, but it is certainly rich and unique. Different indigenous groups settled throughout the continent over the year, from the Inuit in the far North to the Mayans and Aztecs in the South. Each community had a different way of life and culture, making America what it is today.

North America went through the ages of discoveries through the ages of colonization, and the ages of explorations. The history and influence from the Europeans settlers are still apparent today in different parts of the continent.

Conflicts have occurred throughout the centuries but the North American countries now enjoy general cooperation and open commerce and trade between them through free trade agreements.

North America is no doubt the most geographically diverse area between the western region, Great Plains, Canadian Shield, Eastern Region and Caribbean Region. North America’s varied landscape features Mother Nature at its best!

Between its history, its people and its landscape, we are pleased to be working on conservation projects allowing volunteers to experience the Americas a different way than they would otherwise by visiting big cities.

Our North America Projects

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