Volunteer in Brazil on a wildlife conservation project to help define ecological corridors supported by some of the worlds’ scientists in the field.

    Volunteer in Brazil

    Brazil’s rich and diverse culture makes it a great destination to explore. Carnival, capoeira, caipirinha, exotic fruits, rainforest, Rio are just a sample of what makes Brazil so unique. Brazil is the largest and most influential country in Latin America. Yet it still faces many threats due to the use of its land and deforestation. 

    If you want to experience Brazil’s amazing natural beauty, our Wildlife Conservation Volunteering in Brazil is perfect for you! This project guarantees you to get in touch with nature and open your eyes to the many ecosystems surrounding you.

    You will be located in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, central west Brazil. Known for its biodiversity, Mato Grosso do Sul is well known for its ecological tourism. Located at the base of the Pantanal region, recognized by UNESCO World Heritage site, you will have the opportunity for independent travel in the area either before or after your volunteer in Brazil placement. The region is well known for its limestone spring formation and your accommodation will be only an hour away from two main tourist towns including Miranda and Bonito. 

    Come and volunteer in Brazil while experiencing and learning about conservation!


    Here are some important facts about Brazil:

    • Population 208,846,892 /July 2018 est.
    • Language Portuguese (official and most widely spoken language)
    • Religion Roman Catholic 64.6%, other Catholic 0.4%, Protestant 22.2%, other Christian 0.7%, Spiritist 2.2%, other 1.4%, none 8%, unspecified 0.4%
    • Currency Brazilian Real (BRL)
    • Climate mostly tropical, but temperate in south
    Wildlife Conservation Volunteering in Brazil

    Learn and experience wildlife conservation volunteering in Brazil

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