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Isabella’s Costa Rica Experience

Isabella V.
Volunteer Name:Isabella V.
Project Attended:Volunteering for Teenagers
Country Attended:Costa Rica


What task on your project did you most enjoy?
I most enjoyed meeting new people and spending time with the kids at the school. The teachers were so kind and took care of the kids so well. I loved spending time with the kindergarteners in the courtyard, pushing them on the swing or helping them on the monkey bars. It was so inspiring to work with young kids in a different country and language, and I was really moved by the compassion of the teachers.
What was your greatest achievement?
My greatest achievement was traveling to a new country for the first time alone and being able to find my way around the local town. I always get lost in my city, so I was concerned about getting lost. I also had so much anxiety ordering at bakeries but I’m really proud that I was able to go out alone. I felt super proud when I returned a library book alone in only Spanish!
Did you feel you made a difference?
I feel like I did make a difference and I was appreciated.
What advice would you give future participants?
I would say to definitely use as much Spanish as you can, even if you’re shy or scared of making a mistake, because that’s something I regret doing. You should go to bakeries and ice cream places to explore, and if you like to read, the library. Lastly, I would say to try to experience holidays, such as the payaso parade and the buoy parade.
What was your most memorable moment?
My most memorable moment was when one of the students at the school helped me to say bye to Teacher Victoria. It moved my heart because she was so kind, and it was my last day on the placement, so I was so proud of myself that I was able to converse with her.
Please tell others why you think they should sign up for a program with Kaya
Costa Rica is a brilliant place to volunteer because the local community and the volunteers are so kind. Additionally, it is very safe if you are alone; I wasn’t afraid of walking around with no one else, which is not always the case in my home city. Kaya is very good at communication and everyone I worked with was so fantastic. I loved my host family, everyone at the school, my Spanish teacher, and everything about the trip. It was so well organized.

From Isabella’s mom:
A heartfelt thank you from me! I wanted to let you know that Isabella had a wonderful time in Costa Rica. The family took such good care of her. They even took her to the beach on her last day.”