Kenneth’s Costa Rica Experience

Kenneth S.
Volunteer Name:Kenneth S.
Project Attended:Sea Turtles
Country Attended:Costa Rica
Volunteer Bio:Kenneth is from the US and volunteered with Kaya in Costa Rica. He became interested in marine conservation and ecosystems after studying marine biology in high school and has ben studying Spanish at university. Read Kenneth's experiences below.
Tell us about your experiences with Kaya The sign up process was simple and well organised and the Kaya staff was very helpful
What were the highlights? I met many people from Europe who I plan on keeping in touch with. I also saw baby turtles as well as a grown one. I enjoyed the beach and the location.
What does travelling as a volunteer mean to you vs travelling as a tourist? Travelling as a volunteer means I get to do something meaningful along with my travels, compared to just trying to have fun.


“I enjoyed and learned a lot of the experience. I learned about traveling to other countries that will help me when traveling again.”