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Internship Awareness Month Special Offer – Claim $150 off ANY Kaya Placement before April 30th

In celebration of Internship Awareness Month, now through April 30th we’re offering $150 off all placements 6 weeks or longer in 2024.

How to claim your discount

It’s SUPER easy. All you have to do is find one of our internship or volunteer placements that matches up with your academic area, career path, or a cause that you care deeply about. As long as the placement is 6 weeks or longer and departs in 2024, you’ll be able to claim the discount. When you apply, simply write “internship awareness month” in the additional info section of your application. If your placement meets the criteria and your application is submitted by April 30th, you’ll automatically be awarded your $150 discount

Internships Abroad 

Kaya internships abroad all share a common, unique and important feature – they make a difference – on people and environments, but also on you. All Kaya placements are within organizations that are aligned to our mission and provide genuine community or environmental benefit. On a Kaya internship you’ll gain global perspectives and be part of expert teams across the globe.

Volunteering Abroad

Kaya was founded on supporting global environments and communities through organizations that align with our principles of sustainable and ethical change. We offer placements in wildlife conservation, community development, education, healthcare and more!

To hear more about the projects that we offer please connect with one of our advisors through live chat or feel free to request a brochure!


Featured Participant Story: Namibia

Elephant & Community Water Access Volunteering in Namibia In 2021, I was fortunate enough to participate on a program with Kaya Responsible Travel, working with a nonprofit that tracks elephant activity along the Ugab River in Namibia, Africa. Since I was young, I...

Kaya Intern, Emma, Featured in Popular Vietnamese Podcast

This past summer, one of our NGO marketing interns in Vietnam was featured on a popular Vietnamese podcast discussing her internship and time abroad!Emma Discusses Mental Health, Marketing Internship, and Her Time in Vietnam One of Kaya’s Interns recently had the...

Kaya wins BEST Ethical, Responsible, Sustainable Tourism Award

And the winner of the BEST Ethical, Responsible, Sustainable Tourism Award 2023 is…Kaya Responsible Travel!Award winners! When they made this announcement at the British Youth Travel Awards this week, the Kaya team went wild! To be recognized within the travel...

Pronouns and Inclusivity

Why have people started sharing their pronouns? You may have noticed, more and more, that people have started to share their pronouns in their email communications, in their introductions and even in conversation. But what is this all about and what is it trying to...

UN Sustainable Development Goals in International Education

Are you ready to dive into a world where you can make a real difference? At Kaya, we work to put sustainable travel at the heart of our work in International Education. As part of our mission, we recognize the work of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals...

A-Level Results? Here’s What To Do Next!

A-Level Results Day can be a big day for many students that want to embark on a career path straight from school. For other students, it might be scary not knowing what to do next. Like all big changes, leaving school can be daunting and even more scary when you did...