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Celebrating Pride Month

With human rights at the heart of our mission, the Kaya team is proud to support our LGBTQI+ community in a celebration of Pride Month, this June.

LGBTQI+ Pride Month is celebrated every June in the United States and across many other countries. Pride month is in honor of the 1969 Stonewall Uprising, a catalyst event for the gay rights movement. Multiple pride celebrations are held across the world, with some of the largest in New York City, São Paulo, Madrid, and San Francisco.

Supporting the LGBTQI+ Community Abroad

Pride month is also a time to recognize the challenges that members of the LGBTQI+ community continue to face around the world. At Kaya, we work with some amazing advocacy and support programs tackling some of these issues.

Want to help advocate for LQBTQI+ rights in Chiang Mai, Thailand? You can work with a local NGO that promotes inclusion through education by providing testing and counseling services at different establishments across the city.

How about an internship in Ecuador where you can be placed within a social justice organization addressing human rights issues? For example, you can work for a shelter that provides legal and psychological assistance, medical services, and a safe place for the local LGBTQI+ community in Quito, Ecuador.

Or travel to South Africa, where join can join Human Rights organizations that are leading the movement for equality within the African continent.

Explore our website for more information about similar human rights internships.

Supporting LGBTQI+ Students Abroad

For student travelers who identify as LGBTQI+, having access to reliable and supportive resources is essential for ensuring a safe and fulfilling experience abroad. At Kaya, we facilitate pre-departure materials and workshops for students to consider their identity abroad for each location. For students who identify as queer, understanding their own identity and the environment surrounding LGBTQI+ rights in the country that they are traveling to is crucial.

For more resources surrounding LGBTQI+ travel, check out our LGBTQ resource page.

LGBTQI+ Allies in International Education

Whether you identify as a member of the Queer community or not, we can all work to be better allies day-to-day and abroad. One small thing that we like to support at Kaya is respecting the importance of everyone’s preferred pronouns. Using pronouns can affirm someone’s gender identity, while showing respect and validation. At Kaya, we encourage everyone to share their pronouns in introductions and email signatures in order to normalize the practice and foster an inclusive work environment. Read more about why we do this and how these small actions can help make a difference.

Pronouns and Inclusivity

The Kaya team looks forward to celebrating Pride Month by supporting our worldwide LGBTQI+ community and continuing to learn and grow. Happy Pride!