Sheena’s Swaziland Experience

Sheena C.
Volunteer Name:Sheena C.
Project Attended:Nutrition Internship
Country Attended:Swaziland
Volunteer Bio:Sheena Christensen, from Denmark, Msc. Nutrition - specialties in Public Health Nutrition and Public Health & Personal trainer.
What task on your project did you most enjoy? Nutrition related tasks.
What was your greatest achievement? Helping with the design of the nutrition pilot study.
Did you feel you made a difference? Yes, by implementing research on the pilot study made a difference because they needed someone to look into the details.
What advice would you give future participants? Be open minded and proactive.
What was your most memorable moment? Visiting different NGO's to hear how they tackle different situations and what they focus on etc. It was a learning experience where theory meets practise.


“It is definitely going to leave some sort of input and output in one’s life. I came very open minded without a main purpose and ended with some projects I want to pursue when I get home because my intention was to get as much information as possible and make it a learning experience as well. The projects came along with my experiences and I got an idea to make some of them a business idea, which I wanted to look into. So I actually enquired and got some connections outside of the office while I was on my 1 month trip. I joined Kaya because I had a vacuum in my life and I wanted to find out what to do professionally and get back on track within my profession. I knew that I had to apply for a new position when I get back home because I had just resigned from my previous position. I was open minded to see what I could take with me home from my internship and my efforts to find something made me realize that I could create two projects as a business. I will look further into these two projects when I come back from my second Kaya travel in Costa Rica to design the business with help from other professionals.”