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Healthcare Agreement for participants

The purpose of this agreement is to ensure that you are clear about your general responsibilities as a healthcare volunteer or intern participating on a placement offered through Kaya Responsible Travel, which have already been set out for you in the recruitment process. We ask that our participants sign to accept their responsibilities.

All volunteers and interns are required, and expected, to comply with the international global health ethical principle of Do No Harm, whereby only treating and undertaking tasks not exceeding your qualifications and training applies, as it would in your home healthcare setting. Please follow the guidance of the local healthcare professionals and practitioners but remember at all times you have the right to say no, if you feel uncomfortable or are being asked to do something that you are unqualified to do. In this case ensure that you communicate this with your supervisor.

Hospitals and Clinics in developing countries often follow different policies and procedures from those that you may be used to at home. While you are on your placement, it is important that you take responsibility for your own health and safety and listen carefully to any instruction provided by your local supervisor. There are inherent risks that can arise in any working environment and we ask all participants to be proactive and aware of their own safety at work. Use common sense and take precautions when necessary, do not expect local staff to warn you of all dangers present as they may not see them in the same way as you do.

In particular be aware that:

  • In all of these environments you are here as an observer. It is not your place to intervene or push for change. If you have concerns about specific incidents or practices, please talk to project staff about them first before taking any kind of action. For example, families may have much more involvement in after care than they do at home.
  • Health professionals may not use gloves for procedures. We encourage you to ask for and use gloves when necessary. If they are not available notify staff and we will provide them or do not participate in the activity.
  • Health professionals may not always wear masks when necessary. We encourage all participants to wear them as necessary. If they are not available, notify your in-country coordinator or do not participate in the activity .
  • In your interactions with local staff, you may be invited to help with procedures, including stitching, injections and other procedures. Do not do anything that you do not feel comfortable doing and make this clear to staff.
  • Patient/doctor/nurse relationships may be different here, so please respect these interactions as they are. There are many cultural aspects to them and it is often not appropriate to treat patients as you would in the west.
  • Local staff may have received the same training or may not be qualified healthcare professionals. You will encounter staff taking on responsibilities that may differ from those associated with that role in your home setting.
  • You may be asked to assist with administrational duties, or other activities outside the scope of the main healthcare activities, such as cleaning or filing. All participants are expected to assist in these duties alongside their main duties and help wherever possible.

Healthcare Agreement for participants

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