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Why Study Abroad with Kaya!

Studying Abroad is much more than just a year or a semester away. It’s a fantastic way to gain credits towards your course, expand your knowledge about the world surrounding you, and gain the skills and international experience that many prospective employers are searching for.

Why Study Abroad with Kaya?

There are so many study abroad options out there, but what makes our study abroad programs unique is the service-learning component of the program you choose. While studying, you can participate in a volunteer or internship project, depending on the study abroad program you pick, which will compliment what you’ve learnt in the classroom. You will be experiencing a full cultural immersion while working within the community you are studying in, and while living in a host family.

This is a great way to gain important skills and experience that will set you apart when applying for a job, plus you’ll be making a positive difference to the local communities and environment too!

What can I Study with Kaya?

Volunteer working with supervisior Engineering Internship VietnamWe have lots of courses to choose from relating to culture, languages, international relations, business and many more!

We’ve recently launched a new Semester Study Abroad and Service in Vietnam where you can choose to study from a wide range of courses relating to Vietnamese heritage, social science and humanities, hospitality management and tourism, business and economics, IT, environmental technology and management or environmental engineering. Alternatively, why not head to Peru to study art and architecture, business, environmental studies, tourism, health and nutrition, humanities and social care or gastronomy! Or spend the summer in Thailand, learn some thai language and take a course on Buddhist Philosophy, Gender Studies or International Finance, and combine in with an internship earning you even more credits towards your degree!

With so many options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that peaks your interest!

Don’t forget that you can contact one of our placement advisors to find out more information about your study options.

Why you should Study Abroad

Selfie at Vinicunca Mountain Arizona State University PeruTaking that leap of faith and joining one of our study abroad programs means you’ll benefit in a whole host of ways. You’ll see a new part of the world whilst immersing yourself in a new culture (including a different style of education), something your classmates back home will miss out on! Not to mention that you’ll create lifelong friendships spanning across the globe.

A study abroad opportunity will help your personal development flourish; travelling to a new place, possible on your own, can be a very daunting experience. However, it will bring out your independent side, enabling you to discover yourself!

Don’t forget to check out our blog post for ideas on how to fund your study abroad too!

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