Program Agreement Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing to apply for placement on a Kaya program. We are committed to providing you the best support as you prepare for the experience of a lifetime, which is why we have laid down the following term and conditions. By checking the agreement of these terms and conditions you have accepted to abide by the rules laid down in this agreement, and we suggest that you read the details carefully and speak to us if you require any further clarification. Please note there may be additional conditions which apply to individual placements.

Program Agreement Terms and Conditions

NOTE: The current terms outlined include temporary accommodations made to address the current Covid-19 global pandemic. We have called these Kaya Amended Coronavirus Terms – Kaya ACT. These temporary terms are outlined alongside Kaya regular terms and conditions and may be amended at any time. These are all shown in red for easy identification.

Deadlines, Dates & Prices

Applications are accepted throughout the year and are subject to limited space availability. Programs are priced individually and displayed on the Kaya website alongside each project. Deadlines are based on the dates of the desired placement. Some programs and project placements fill up prior to their published application deadlines. Apply early to secure your space. Important deadlines for the Kaya Programs are:


  • Early ApplicationApplication can be made up to 1 year in advance, however, arrangement and communication of the program specifics will commence 2-3 months prior to program start.
  • Application DeadlinePrograms have varying deadlines. Most are around 3 months prior to the program start. 
Last-minute bookings will be considered on an individual basis. Last-minute bookings are advised that their placement arrangements may require more flexibility to accommodate.
  • Total fee due60 days prior to program start – unless specified for a particular project
  • Late Payment – Payment deadlines are displayed on the invoices provided. It is important to meet these deadlines to secure your placement, and missing these deadlines may result in the cancellation of your placement. Where a payment extension is requested, this will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will incur a late payment fee of £35/$60 basis.

Program Start and Finish Dates, Current Prices, and “What’s Included” are displayed on the Kaya website alongside each project. Details shown on printed materials are subject to change. Projects prices are reviewed annually and bookings for the following year may differ from those listed. Payments may be made in GB£ or US$.

Application Instructions

Apply online:

At the time of initial application, an application fee of GBP£75/ US$95 is requested. This fee will be deducted from your total program fees. This is a non-refundable fee that enables us to process your application and ensures we work to match you with the best possible placement for your skills, interest, and needs. In the event that the application is rejected by Kaya, this payment will be returned in full.  You will be provided the option to “speak to an advisor before submitting your fee”, but please note that your application may not be completed until payment of this fee is received.

Upon receipt of the application form and fee, we will contact you to arrange an online interview, work with our in-country teams to review your information, and offer you a placement in line with your request. Kaya will contact all applicants within 2 weeks of receipt of the application. 

Confirming your placement: Once a placement is offered, you will have the option to confirm your placement and dates, and reserve your space with a confirmation fee of GB£150/ US$250. This fee will be deducted from your total program fees.

Kaya ACT: During the Covid pandemic, this payment will not be requested until travel to that country is possible (the host country borders open to you, and your home country is allowing travel to the host country). These will be deferred until confirmation of travel dates can be provided, at which time applicants may decide whether to proceed with, or cancel their application.

Until your confirmation fee is received we cannot guarantee your space on the program. See Trip Cancellation & Refund Policy below for further details

Additional deposit fees: A small number of our programs have an additional deposit applied by our in-country project partners. You will be notified of this on initial inquiry if this exists for your program. Any payments made will be applied toward the total program fee. These additional deposits are non-refundable in all cases but can be applied to future participation for that specific placement if your placement dates need to be moved.

Trip Cancellation & Refund Policy

Kaya reserves the right to cancel any program if there are insufficient registrants (where minimum numbers apply) or if Kaya determines it is in the best interest of the applicant’s safety and quality of programming to cancel the program. Kaya is not responsible for other costs incurred by applicants preparing for the trip. Should a program be canceled by Kaya, for any reason, applicants will be offered the option of positions in other Kaya Programs or a full refund on all fees paid, minus application fees and bank charges.

For participants wishing to cancel or shorten their program, the following terms apply:

  • Application fees are non-refundable in all instances for successful applicants. Unsuccessful applicants will be fully refunded.
  • Additional deposits, where applicable, are also non-refundable in all instances
  • Confirmation fees: If you decide to cancel, for any reason, any time up to 61 days before travel, we will provide a 50% refund, less application fee, and bank fees.
    If the travel status of your program changes prior to your travel dates, and those are likely to interrupt your travel at your booked program time, we will provide a full refund, less application fee, and bank fees. Cancellations made within 60 days before departure will make confirmation fees non-refundable.
  • Program fee balance – Payment of all remaining program fees are due 60 days prior to your program start date. Payment of program balance fees prior to this deadline are fully refundable up to 61 days before departure (minus any bank fees incurred). Payments not received by this deadline may result in the cancellation of your program or a late payment surcharge of £35/$60.
    If the travel status of your program changes prior to your travel dates, and those are likely to interrupt your travel at the booked program time, we will provide a full refund, less application fee, and bank fees.
  • Under our standard terms, if you decide to cancel or shorten your program within 60 days of your program start, no refunds will be provided.
    Individuals who cancel or shorten their program, for any reason (including health, bereavement, and visa issues) less than 60 days prior to the program start or during the program will not receive any refund, and we encourage you to approach your travel insurance to seek compensation in this instance. We are happy to provide proof of payment and cancellation if required. Travel insurance with trip cancellation coverage is strongly encouraged for this reason.
  • Kaya ACT:  Due to the impacts of Covid-19, for programs planned for 2021 we will be providing a more flexible cancelation policy. For programs with start dates in 2021, if you decide to cancel between 60-31 days prior to travel, a 50% refund less application fee and bank fees will be provided. Some programs are exempt from this flexible arrangement and you will be notified of this upon booking. After 30 days, no refunds will be provided.
  • Date Flexibility – Participants will be permitted to change program dates any time until 2 weeks prior to departure, for any reason, for no additional fees. Last-minute changes will be considered on a case-by-case basis. New dates will be subject to availability. Programs being delayed to a future year may incur program fee increases. Dates must be changed prior to payment deadlines for “payment due” dates to be amended.
  • If the Participant cancels for any reason, the Participant must notify Kaya in writing. The cancellation will be effective upon receipt of the written notification by Kaya to Careful planning goes into developing volunteer and intern programs for every individual applicant. As a result, Kaya and our host communities and partners incur substantial administrative and planning costs, including accommodation reservation fees, prior to the start of each program.
  • Kaya strives to ensure sustainable projects and quality programs for Participants. The Refund Policy is defined in an effort to protect and accomplish these goals. Kaya deals with each situation fairly, in consideration of well-established policies, and with the best interests of community members and Participants in mind.

Date and Project Changes

Upon application, you will receive an interview in which your placement and program dates will be discussed. When you confirm your placement and pay your confirmation fees, we will agree program dates against which your placement will be held. We encourage you to stick to these as the projects plan around your participation. Under standard terms, one (1) date or program change made prior to 60 days before departure will be accommodated for, at no charge, subject to availability. Placements moved to the following year may be subject to price increases. After 1 change has been accommodated for, any future changes made will be subject to an administration charge of GBP£40 / USD$70 – payable at the time of change. For project changes where the original project incurred an additional deposit, the additional deposit amount will NOT be transferable to your new project.
Date changes requested within 60 days prior to departure will be considered on an individual basis, the original payment deadlines will apply and changes will be subject to an administration charge of GBP£40 / USD$70 – payable at the time of change. Placement changes within 60 days prior to departure are typically not accommodated for, due to project commitments made at that time.

Under Kaya ACT, the 60-day deadline outlined for changing program dates without a fee has been reduced to 14 days, with further flexibility considered as a result of travel bans and advisories in place at the time of your placement.


Participants must be aged 18 years over at the time of pick up, unless expressly agreed in advance by Kaya. Kaya reserves the right to cancel any application or terminate any placement, without refund, if false proof of age is found to have been supplied.

For participants under 18yrs, who have been accepted onto a Kaya program, parental consent is required and participants agree to our Code of Conduct, which includes strict policies about alcohol consumption. Where accepted, participants under 18yrs will not be offered any different or additional service or treatment to other participants. All participants under 18yrs must participate in an interview and require a reference from a professional person who has known them for over 2 years.

Program Flexibility

Kaya programs are different from travel or adventure programs. Each development project and work experience placement is unique and often cannot be implemented exactly as planned for a variety of reasons. Itineraries shown are a guide and the order of activities may be shifted in line with factors, including, but not limited to the weather, changing project needs, local regulations and individual situations. Project activities shown cover most areas that you may be asked to get involved, but additional activities may arise that require your assistance and not all activities shown may be carried out in the period of your stay. Applicants are advised that these variables may require changes before or during a program. Part of the challenge and growth opportunity is in adapting to changing conditions and overcoming the obstacles they may present.

Legal Jurisdiction, Release of Liability and Assumption of Risks

UK and European Participants:

Participants from the UK and European countries booking their placements on enter a contract with Kaya Responsible Travel Ltd., of The Arches, North Campus, Sackville St, Manchester, a company registered in England and Wales (company number 6885700). This contract is governed by English law under the exclusive jurisdiction of English courts. 

Participants from North America and other Non-European countries:
Participants from North America and other Non-European countries booking their placements on enter a contract with Kaya Responsible Travel Ltd, part of the Global Educators Inc consortium of 3 Ferry Street, Studio 3-West, Easthampton, MA, a company registered in the state of Massachusetts, USA. This contract is governed by the laws of the State of Massachusetts, U.S.A., excluding Massachusetts’s conflict of laws rules, regardless of your location. You hereby expressly consent to exclusive jurisdiction and venue in the federal and state courts located in Massachusetts U.S.A., for all matters or disputes arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions or your access or use of the Website.

All Participants
In organising and managing volunteer projects, work experience placements, group programs, and courses, Kaya, its agents, employees, and staff give notice that they act solely on behalf of and for the benefit of the participants, on the express agreement that Kaya shall not be liable, financially or otherwise, for non-performance or unsatisfactory service; for the injury to persons including death, for loss of or damage to property, for accident or delay, and/or for expenses arising from strikes, weather, quarantine, sickness, government regulation, civil unrest or war, or from any act or omission of Kaya agents or employees, and/or airline, mail services, rail, bus company, vehicle rental entity, hotel, restaurant, or other suppliers of service.

By submitting this application form the participant assumes all of these risks and agrees to indemnify Kaya, its officers, directors, and employees harmless for any and all liability that may arise in connection with participation in the Kaya Programs. Kaya reserves the right to refuse any applicant admission to any program if he or she is deemed ill-suited for the program. Important program information will be sent to the email address provided on the application. Photographs, videotapes, and/or statements of participants may be used in promoting Kaya. Kaya publishes program and project photos on a regular basis on the Kaya website. These photos and videos are available for participants, friends, family, and interested individuals to download, email, or print for personal use. Photography usage for distribution purposes will be considered on an individual basis on application to Kaya.
Participants accept that they will be subjected to various physical and emotional demands and accept that the standard of living, including food, hygiene and accommodation in the relevant country may be below the general standards of their own country. The Participant also understands that certain risks may arise, including, but not limited to, hazards of traveling in remote areas; travel by automobile, van, bus, airplane, boat, train or any other means of conveyance; the forces of nature; civil disturbances; national or international conflicts; terrorism; arbitrary itinerary changes made by foreign governments or vendors; dive related accidents, boat accidents; interacting with dangerous wildlife; personal injury or illness from the local environment; accident or illness in remote locations without immediate evacuation or medical facilities; or negligent acts of third parties. The Participant asserts that they know, understands and appreciate these and other risks inherent in the program, agrees that participation is completely voluntary and assumes all risk associated with the program.
Kaya shall have no responsibility for any activities undertaken by the Participant outside the scope of those directly relating to the program, including activities that may have been recommended by Kaya staff, or it’s partners, within the location. For all excursion activities, Kaya acts as an agent, not a principle of the activity. Any information provided by Kaya, including but not limited to information about visas, vaccinations, healthcare, climate, group sizes and packing requirements is given in good faith for information and educational purposes only but without responsibility on the part of Kaya or it’s partners.

Travel Documents and Insurance

All participants must possess a valid passport for their Kaya trip. Participants are responsible for any costs associated with visas, airport taxes, obtaining the proper travel documents for their trip, and changes to flight itineraries. All participants must have valid, comprehensive health and travel insurance during the time of their program covering risks associated with a ‘Force Majeur’ event, medical emergencies and repatriation. Details of insurance must be supplied to Kaya prior to commencement of any program. Kaya reserves the right to refuse entry to programs if insurance details are not supplied.

Behavioural Expectations

By joining a Kaya Program, the participant assumes certain obligations to Kaya, its community, and other program participants. If on-site program directors determine a participant fails to meet the behavioural expectations set out in this contract and within Kaya’s Code of Conduct document, that participant will be asked to leave the program. Participants asked to leave under these circumstances will not receive a refund. In addition to other program responsibilities, as a program participant you are responsible for:

  • Being in sufficient good health to undertake the program.
  • Acting in an appropriate and respectful manner towards the local people, fellow travellers, program participants, and staff in accordance with the customs, laws, regulations, and ordinances of the country of placement.
  • Following all health and safety protocols and precautions outlined by ground-team members.
  • Communicating effectively your interests, skills, limitations, and needs to home community members and program staff members.


All participants must disclose at the time of application any pre-existing or existing medical conditions (including depression and eating disorders) and disabilities. Some placements may require doctor’s notes as a requirement for participation – some of which may be dictated by legal requirements or liability purposes. Any medical conditions arising after Application and prior to Placement must be disclosed to Kaya prior to placement commencement. Kaya reserve the right to refuse applications based on these disclosures, if deemed necessary for the safety of the participant and the project. Kaya operates a policy of non-discrimination and any information provided that may impact an application will be discussed with the applicant prior to any decisions being implemented to establish the basis for any concerns. Kaya reserve the right to cancel any application, or terminate a placement without refund if false information or lack of disclosure is found to have been supplied. Kaya is not held responsible for the administration or monitoring of any medication. While Kaya makes every effort to establish safety conditions and risk assessment, Participants are warned that the general standards of health, safety and hygiene in many countries visited may not be of comparable standard to Western countries and hence a risk of injury and illness is inherent to this venture.

Some placements may require a police criminal background check, conducted by the government. This check shall be carried out at the applicant’s expense with guidance from Kaya. Some placements require proof that volunteers are clear of certain medical conditions, through the provision of a health certificate. This check shall be carried out at the applicant’s expense.


If a Participant wishes to lodge a complaint in relation to their program, they shall first bring the complaint to the attention of the in-country coordinator, who will make reasonable efforts to deal with and, where possible, resolve the complaint within a reasonable time. If a Participant feels that a complaint is not being dealt with adequately by their in-country coordinator they should then contact the Kaya placement advice team to escalate the issue. If the coordinator is unable to resolve any serious complaint, and the participant chooses to terminate their placement early and depart the project, they shall provide the coordinator with a written version of events leading to their early termination, prior to departure. Refunds cannot be provided for early departure unless extreme circumstances are found, which will be determined at the sole discretion of Kaya. Issues reported after the end of a program that were not reported during the program, giving the site team an opportunity to address the issue in country, will not be considered for any compensation. Participants agree that Kaya shall not be liable for damages or compensation relating to any claim regarding inconvenience, disappointment, discomfort or loss of enjoyment.