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Turing Scheme Sports Programme

Fully-funded programmes abroad in 2024

Welcome to Kaya’s Sports Abroad Programme – as part of the UK government’s Turing Scheme.

This project is established for the purpose of offering training for Vocational and Further Education students in the fields of sports management. By carrying out this program within locations where the importance of sports is undervalued and access to coaches and resources is limited, students are able to see the varying realities that shape the work carried out. They can also gain a better understanding of the powerful impact sports can have on the development and wellbeing of young people in underprivileged communities.

Working with international professionals in the field, the students will observe different approaches than those they may have previously learned about and have the chance to critically examine the challenges and impacts of the theory they learn in the realities of this new environment.

Each of these projects has an objective to inspire students to learn more about sports management within the context of community development. Our goal is to inspire these students to continue studying and gaining employment in this field.

Activities will include:

  • Attending training programs teaching students about theory and techniques used in the field, taught by local professionals.
  • Engaging with local staff at each site to learn more about the local approach to sports management issues, but also how cultural factors affect the way that they work
  • Working alongside other students to collaborate on projects and, in doing so, providing experience of participation in teamwork within this career.

Programs will be offered in 3 countries:

14 spaces will be available for this location with departure dates in February and August 2024. (exact travel dates to be confirmed)
(departure and return dates may vary by 4 days depending on flight schedules.)

1. Zambia Sports

This 2 week (17 days including travel) sports development program takes place in Livingstone, Zambia.

The program hosts 12 students and 2 support staff, who will be housed in a volunteer house and provided with 3 meals a day.

Students will gain an insight into the role sports development can play in a child’s development, and the positive impact it can have on local communities, particularly where physical education is a largely unfamiliar concept, and is absent from most school curriculums.

Working with local sports practitioners, the students will be involved in the following activities:

  • PE (Physical Education) Sessions – these sessions allow students to use their creativity to engage school children with different aspects of sport as it relates to health and wellbeing.
  • Boys & Girls Rugby coaching– students will learn how to direct drills and practise games, under the guidance of local coaches.
  • Other Sports Coaching – depending on student expertise, students may set up specific opportunities for coaching of other sports.
  • Educational workshops- these will provide students with a broader understanding of the principles and application of sports development, as well as basic coaching techniques.
  • Evenings and weekends will allow time for learning about Zambian culture, Nyanja lessons and reflecting upon the day’s activities.

24 spaces will be available in July 2024, and 16 spaces will be available in August 2024 at this location (exact dates to be confirmed)

(departure and return dates may vary by 4 days depending on flight schedules.)

2. Cape Town Sports

Through our sport development project, our objective is to get children off the streets, where they can be influenced and affected by drugs and crime due to the environment they grow up around. Our aim is to provide opportunities for sport achievement for as many children as possible irrespective of race, gender, or social class.

The focus of the Cape Town sport project is to uplift the community through sport and physical education. The sport programme develops crucial skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication and physical education as sport is an integral part of youth development.
Since the late 90’s post-apartheid, the South African government has been unable to provide physical education in the school’s curriculum, at no fee schools. No fee schools are found in townships and rural communities in South Africa. As result of physical education not being part integral part of the children’s education, physical activity has decreased.

Students in the sport project will work with local coaches and qualified professional coaches. They will be playing a significant part in uplifting the community through sport and upskill the children in critical skills that they will be able to apply elsewhere in their lives.

Activities will include:

  • Cultural immersion into the community
  • Sport coaching clinics
  • Motivational speaker
  • Cultural and Sports workshops and tours

At each location, students will be staying in group accommodation and participating in hands-on training within each working area.  The aim of this programme is to provide students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and practical skills, while learning about different cultures and environments to expand horizons and develop educated, compassionate global citizens.

All flights will depart from and return to a UK airport, and students will need to make their own arrangements for travel to and from home to the airport.

Covid Considerations

COVID vaccination and testing requirements will be dependent on each country. Face masks and social distancing could still be in place, dependent on local rules and laws. We will advise closer to departure.

Application criteria 

The Turing scheme aims to offer this opportunity to a broad range of students and, while we are looking for students studying related subjects, application evaluation is not based on your grades! We are looking for enthusiastic pupils aged 16+ who have an interest in Wildlife management and related subjects. The scheme is fully funded by the UK government, so there will be no cost incurred other than a £250 confirmation fee for successful applicants.

Application process

  • Click the button below to access the application form – this application form will be the only requirement for consideration for this program
  • If you are successful with your application, we strongly advise you look into visa requirements straight away.
  • A board of administrators will evaluate all applications to select successful applicants on a rolling basis, so we encourage early application.
  • Once successful candidates have been notified, a £250 confirmation fee will be required within the following 2 weeks to confirm the placement (hardship grants will be offered to cover this cost where applicable)
  • As part of this program, students will be expected to complete some pre-departure assignments, including online attendance at a pre-departure workshop.
  • Flights from the UK Airport will be provided as part of the program, and students will be required to make their own way to the airport on departure, and home from the airport on our return.

If you change your mind about participating for any reason not covered by the insurance, we will do our best to identify an individual to take your place. If one is found, the non-transferable costs (such as the airline cost for changing the name of the traveller, or the new travel insurance policy) will need to be paid by you.If a replacement is not found, then the cost of the non-recoverable costs of the flights and the programme will become your responsibility and those costs will need to be paid by you, because the Turing scheme will not make payment for individuals who drop out of the programme before travelling. These costs could be £2500+ .
Please only pay the deposit if you intend to travel. Make sure that you are available for the dates of your programme and are committed to participating to avoid any extra costs.

Application deadline 

For February departure, the application deadline is 31 October 2023
For April & August departure, the application deadline is 30 November 2023