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Volunteer for Wildlife in Zimbabwe

Volunteer for wildlife in Zimbabwe for an iconic African wildlife experience. Hoping to learn about animal care and wildlife conservation? Searching for a way to make a difference responsibly and sustainably? This might be the start of something good…

Why Volunteer for Wildlife in Zimbabwe?

Well, lots of reasons. But let’s start with the place itself. So first, did you know that Zimbabwe is home to Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world? Locally, the falls is known as “Mosi-oa-Tunya,” which means “the smoke that thunders.” And Zimbabwe is also home to some amazing parks and nature reserves. For example, Hwange National Park contains one of the densest populations of wildlife in Africa. So if you’ve ever wanted to see the Big Five and iconic African wildlife, Zimbabwe’s the place for you. In conclusion, it’s an amazing place to visit as a tourist. But why volunteer?

Volunteering for conservation

A Personal Take on Volunteering for Wildlife Conservation

As a volunteer for conservation, you can work directly with animals, learn from the experts, have a more personal, memorable experience, and give back.

On small, often family-run, sanctuaries and reserves, you’ll work with incredibly experienced and passionate locals who are ready and willing to share their knowledge. By the end of your trip, you’ll feel like part of the family! Whether you’re new to this type of work or experienced, our placements in Zimbabwe are truly enriching for all. As a conservation volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Care for the animals. Participate in game drives, stay up all night monitoring new sick or orphaned intakes, improve enclosures, and so much more. The work varies from placement to placement, and from season to season!
  • Learn about animal management and veterinary medicine on our pre-veterinary placement, if that interests you
  • Help with community outreach and education in an effort to reduce human-wildlife conflict and improve conservation outcomes
  • Patrol reserve borders and engage in other anti-poaching initiatives
  • Help with routine maintenance such as cleaning, food preparation, and more
  • Learn about conservation, ecology, particular species and the local culture of Zimbabwe – and much more!

Looking for a pretty cute reason to volunteer for conservation in Zimbabwe?

In June 2020, local conservationists welcomed a new baby white rhino into the world!

Our Rhino and Elephant Conservation project, which recently expanded to include cheetah conservation, is renowned for its rhino breeding and release program!

Responsible, Ethical and Sustainable Volunteering

Imagine spotting iconic African wildlife while on horseback… Doesn’t that sound amazing? Well, two of our wildlife conservation projects in Zimbabwe provide this experience, but their horses work two weeks on and two weeks off. So they’re happy and healthy!

But here’s what you really need to know about us and our projects: We’re a small company with a desire to do good. We know our projects intimately, and we can vouch for their value to wildlife. And we can ensure that our volunteers are truly needed. Our projects in Zimbabwe are no exception. Zimbabwe itself has had a turbulent past, but locals are resilient, and their conservation efforts inspire us. We’re so pleased by the work our partners and volunteers have accomplished, and we can’t wait to see what happens.

So, more baby rhinos, perhaps?

Responsible volunteering for wildlife abroad

Low-Risk Travel During Covid-19 and Herd Immunity

Volunteer for wildlife and get back to travel! Zimbabwe’s borders are open, and we’re confident in the Covid-19 safety protocols we’ve been able to implement. Additionally, Zimbabwe has been incredibly successful in its vaccine rollout. Not only is the population fairly young, with most people under the age of 30, but most have been enthusiastic about getting the vaccine. In fact, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, the location of one of our incredible projects, recently achieved herd immunity!

So what about weekend activities? As a volunteer abroad, you might be concerned about your ability to travel around and experience all that Zimbabwe has to offer. Luckily, our conservation projects are remote enough that most weekend activities are outdoors anyway. As a conservation volunteer, you’re mostly there to experience the great outdoors! With this in mind, we’re confident in your ability to have fun on-site. That said, we’re here for you as you consider a trip abroad. We’d be happy to discuss specific options for excursions and activities in more detail.

So, are you ready to pack your bags? Well, browse through our conservation volunteering programs below, all available now!

Volunteer for a Wildlife Rescue Sanctuary Near Bulawayo

Volunteer for wildlife in Zimbabwe by caring for orphaned, abandoned and sick animals at one of Africa’s oldest wildlife sanctuaries, established in 1973. Species include leopards, lions, buffalo, monkeys, antelopes and a range of exotic birds! Learn more about being a Wildlife Rescue Volunteer.

Conservation volunteers
Veterinary science volunteers

Pre-Veterinary Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Volunteering

On this pre-veterinary track in Bulawayo, you can volunteer for wildlife while learning about animal management and veterinary medicine! Read up on Pre-Vet Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Placement.

Lion Rehabilitation and Conservation Volunteering

Help with research, game drives, make toys for sensory and predatory enrichment, work with horses and elephants, and clean – and prep meat! Volunteering for wildlife isn’t always glamorous, but it will certainly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience! To learn more, visit Elephant & Wildlife Conservation..

Lion conservation volunteering
Cheetah conservation volunteering

Volunteer for Rhino and Elephant (and Cheetah!) Conservation

On this remote, family-run conservation reserve, volunteer for wildlife by working with rhinos, elephants, cheetahs and more. (We just recently added cheetah conservation!) This project is well-known for its rhino breeding and release program. Read all about Rhino and Elephant Conservation..

Volunteer in Victoria Falls on a Lion Rehabilitation Project

Volunteer for wildlife by working with lions. Meanwhile, learn about the “bigger picture” of ecosystem function and the importance of habitat! To find out more, see details about Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Projects.

Ecosystem function volunteering
Thank you for your interest in volunteering, and we hope to see you out there soon! To learn more about the options available, connect with one of our placement advisors using the chat now feature, or feel free to request a brochure using the button opposite.


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