Win a trip to Ecuador on Kaya’s Amazon Wildlife Rescue project with Sony Xperia

Sony mobile have partnered with us at Kaya Responsible Travel to offer an amazing prize where the winner will be jetting off to Latin America!

To celebrate the launch of their new smartphone Xperia XZ they are sending one lucky winner to Ecuador, all expenses paid, for a week long trip on Kaya’s Amazon Rainforest Wildlife Rescue project. The winner will travel to a tranquil and idyllic destination where they can take some spectacular photos and videos. The winner will travel to the project site near El Puyo in the Pastaza province and volunteer on a project in the Amazon Rainforest which supports efforts to protect local species and aims to rehabilitate wild animals that are victims of abuse and animal trafficking.

This is a global campaign, although due to some countries competition regulations, unfortunately the following countries cannot apply: Australia, Brazil, Italy, Sweden, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, USA, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile and Peru. 


So what are you waiting for? For your chance to win a volunteering experience of a lifetime.


  1. Nancy Anabel Gonzalez

    Why can’t i enter? Thanks

    • jackie wall

      Hi Nancy, that is a really good question. Unfortunately we have to meet the competition laws set by each country which is probably why you cannot enter. In some destinations it is illegal to post a competition if someone from that specific country is not guaranteed to win. This presents a problem when we are working with volunteers and interns from all over the world. The rules are not set by Kaya or Sony and we are unable to make exceptions. Sorry about that. Perhaps you would like to join one of our projects anyway, as they are open to all subject to payment of fees and the skills specified on each individual placement? Regards, Jackie.


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