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2020 Travel Trends: Eco-Tourism on the Rise

It’s a new year and a new decade. With that comes reflection, and forward thinking. Perhaps a resolution.

It also means 2020 travel trend reports! (Sigh). Trends aren’t something we at Kaya Responsible Travel think a huge amount about. We have our mission, and we’re sticking to it! We’re here to spread a love of global travel, and to strive for more cultural connections. We think it’s this that will form the foundations of a better world.

2020 travel trends seem to be moving in our direction…

Eco-tourism, sustainable travel, ‘voluntourism’ (a term we dislike) are all on the rise. These travel trends are set to grow even more according to 2020 travel trend reports It has been an eye-opening decade. Climate change, conservation efforts, and global healthcare crises have meant that more people are needed for international voluntary work. And more people are volunteering internationally. 

Forbes reported upon’s annual survey of the travel industry, stating that “87% of travellers […] want to make more sustainable travel choices” and that “more than 60% [want] the money they spend from tourism to remain in the local economy.”  Travellers, and the world in general, are becoming much more switched on to what issues are affecting citizens and habitats globally. And these 2020 travel trends reflect their desire to do something about it.

At Kaya we work only with programs that are entirely locally sustainable, they are run by local communities, for local communities – whether they are healthcare, conservation, or community projects.

But, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) just 5% of money spent by tourists stays within the local community in which it’s spent. 

Attitudes to travel need to change, and at Kaya Responsible Travel we very much hope that we can be a part of that. Tourism can be a wonderful thing when done fairly and responsibly. Tourism can boost local-economies. When ethically-minded volunteers enter communities with the right attitude towards cultural exchanges, both parties will gain far more from the experience. 

Be the change you want to see.