5 Reasons Why Volunteer in Jamaica

“We Jah people can make it work.” An encouraging quote from the legendary reggae icon from Jamaica, Bob Marley whose words continue to resonate to us even at present times.

Why Volunteer in Jamaica? Read our 5 reasons!

The world may be facing a very challenging phase right now with the global pandemic, but with communal effort, we can heal as one. Social distancing does not mean shutting yourself down from humanity. Instead, this is the most crucial time to be humane. With enterprises and institutions suspended or scaled-down, volunteering is all the more vital anywhere in the world. If you are up for the challenge and you’re deciding on where to go for a kick-start, let me give you five reasons why you should volunteer in Jamaica.

Volunteer in Jamaica Reason Number 1: OPEN BORDERS

Jamaica is one of the few resilient countries that are open to receive international travelers at this time. The government of Jamaica re-opened their borders last June 2020 and they are accepting visitors from any nation with entry requirements varying depending on where you are from. I advise that you read the Jamaica travel regulations update to find out the process of obtaining the Travel Authorization.

You can volunteer in Jamaica now, just check our special community volunteering program that we’re offering starting on the 21st September 2020, and onwards.

Volunteer in Jamaica Reason Number 2: THE PEOPLE

Jamaicans have been through a lot, from enslavement to massive earthquake in the 20th century and poverty remains an existing issue in the country, yet they remain light-hearted, friendly and very welcoming. With high spirits, Jamaicans are trying to revive their tourism to uplift their economy which has greatly suffered during this global crisis. You can help them by becoming a flexible community volunteer and give a hand directly on the ground. 

Volunteer in Jamaica Reason Number 3: PARADISE

Summer just breezed through us this year but it’s not too late to get a tan in some of the best beaches in the Caribbean which you can find in Jamaica. Negril Beach is pretty popular in Jamaica for its long white sand beach and the very reason why it’s also called the Seven-Mile Beach. You’ll have a long list of Jamaica beaches with blue waters to plunge into or white sands to dig your feet in when you get to the country.

If you’re not into blue waters, Jamaica has blue mountains to offer. You can trail hike/bike to explore indigenous flora and fauna that’s only found in the region, see the incredible views of the mountain ranges, natural springs and waterfalls, smell the aromatic blue mountain coffee and discover what makes the mountains blue.

Volunteer work and vacationing altogether on the Jamaican island, how about that?

Volunteer in Jamaica Reason Number 4: JAMAICAN FOOD

Cultural Immersion is never complete without trying their traditional food. Jamaican cuisine is a fusion of flavors, spices and cooking techniques from the people who have inhabited the island with the tropical twist which makes it interesting.

One of the Jamaican dishes that is famous is the mouth-watering Jerk chicken which is spiced by pimento, scotch bonnet pepper, scallion, onions and thyme and some secret homegrown ingredients. 

Some Jamaican dishes are also influenced by Rastafarian’s vegetarian preparation called “Ital“.

Travelers need not worry as you have got an array of choices for your meals, whether you’re a meat-lover or pescatarians or vegetarian when you visit Jamaica.

You can also check this list of operating food establishments at the moment.

Volunteer in Jamaica Reason Number 5: MUSIC AND CULTURE

Music is the heartbeat of Jamaica, along with other genres, it’s the home of reggae music. Aside from putting you into a laid back mood with its good vibrations, it gives you a glimpse of the Jamaican lifestyle, how they value their religion, their expression of love, their cry for justice and freedom, their aspirations and the celebration of life which make them distinct around the world.

Our projects in Jamaica are based in and around Kingston, where the iconic Bob Marley grew up so you will get the chance to learn about their rich cultural history.

After your meaningful trip to Jamaica you’ll definitely have a whole new perspective about life, full of positivity and might even find yourself spreading the love, singing “don’t worry about a thing coz every little things’ gonna be alright” by heart, which is what the world needs to hear right now.



There’s a lot more to the list of reasons why you should volunteer in Jamaica but what’s important is that you’ve got a heart for responsible travel whichever destination you choose and your service, even how small it may seem, makes an immense difference!

Hope you found this blog interesting. To hear more about the projects that we offer please connect with one of our advisors using the chat now button, or feel free to request a brochure using the button opposite.


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