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Celebrate World Lion Day with us!

Today, August 10th,  we are celebrating World Lion Day! This day is to help raise awareness on this majestic big cat and raise awareness of their risk to become extinct.

In the past 20 years, lion populations have declined by over 40%. Their numbers have dramatically decreased due to prey depletion, conflict with humans, loss of habitat, diseases and inbreeding. It is estimated that they could be no lions left within 20 to 30 years.

At Kaya, we recognize the importance of protecting the ones left through conservation programs. On this special day, we ask you to pay tribute to this beautiful animal by checking out the projects we need volunteers for. All of our projects either support awareness of the danger they are in, support their survivals or protect their habitats. Whether you want to join a project in Zimbabwe, Zambia or South Africa, we are in need of volunteers to assist scientists to collect data, care for breeding pride, preserve their habitats or educate the local communities to avoid further conflicts. Our projects in Gweru, Victoria Falls, Livingstone, or Kruger all focus on different aspects of the preservation and study of the African lions. If you are looking for an internship working with lions, you might also want to check out our Gweru internship.

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On this special day honouring the King of Beasts, we ask you to consider volunteering on a conservation project to help prevent their extinction estimated by 2050. For advice or more information on any of the projects we support, feel free to contact one of our placement advisors.