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Finn’s Cambodia Experience

Finn I.
Volunteer Name:Finn I.
Project Attended:Building and Garden Volunteer Work
Country Attended:Cambodia
What task on your project did you most enjoy? The brick laying and plastic brick making. It was the most fulfilling because you could see that what you were doing was helping.
What was your greatest achievement? Along with the help of some others from an Australian school, we managed to make over 400 bricks over the course of two days which was pretty amazing.
Did you feel you made a difference? I feel that I helped to speed up the construction of the building even if only by a little bit.
What was your most memorable moment? I just remember how the building looked when I first arrived and what it looked like when I left and it was amazing to see how much progress has been made over the course of four weeks.
Please tell others why you think they should sign up for a program with Kaya Kaya provides a lot of advice on things like visa applications, recommended vaccinations and what to pack as well as information about the history of the country you are going to. I highly recommend Kaya to any first time volunteers.


“The project is fulfilling and I feel like I am helping to speed the process of the construction of the new building even if only a little. It is often very tiring and I can be drenched in sweat by the end of the day but I know the project is worthwhile and with all the children running around the playground it is easy to be motivated to carry on with work.

I’ve been to see many temples with a 70-year-old lady from North Yorkshire called Tina who is a very nice and friendly woman who has had quite an adventurous past few years. I have done a pottery class, I have forged a knife with a blacksmith and this weekend, the other young volunteers and I are going to go to a palm wood carving workshop to make spoons, forks and plates which should be great fun.
Overall pretty great so far and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. Thank you for all the help prior to me coming over here. Kaya helped me a lot with things like visas and vaccinations.”