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Lawrence’s Swaziland Experience

Lawrence G.
Volunteer Name:Lawrence G.
Project Attended:Help Build Family Homes
Country Attended:Swaziland


Here is a short interview with an under 18 volunteer, Lawrence, about his experience volunteering abroad in Swaziland:
What have you achieved?
  • Helped World Challenge with giving water access to a community
  • Built pit latrines for a pre-school
  • Built bases for jojo stands (giant water butts)
What have you learnt?
  • My Siswati is very good (feedback from Sarah the Projects and Volunteer Manager also confirmed that he has done very well)
  • It has been an eye opening experience
  • I was independent before but I have learnt to be more independent especially with budgeting money for food and activities
What went well?
  • I had no culture shock
  • Orientation when I arrived put me at ease. I was feeling scared on the plane as I had never been away by myself but the day after I arrived I just thought “everything is sweet!”
What has been the highlight?
  • Learning about the local culture from the local building project manager who made it come to life, not just gave me the information
  • I have enjoyed working in the rural areas
  • It has been great meeting other volunteers and making friends from all around the world
What were your motives for extending?
  • I wanted to spend more time here and get more out of the experience
What tips would you give to other under 18s volunteering abroad?
  • Look after yourself but go out and get involved
  • Try to learn the language as it is helpful and goes a long way when building relationships with local people”.