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Maike’s South Africa Experience

Maike S.
Volunteer Name:Maike S.
Project Attended:Veterinary Internship
Country Attended:South Africa
Volunteer Bio:I am originally from the Netherlands, but at the moment I live in Bratislava, Slovakia. I am a Year 13 student at an international school there. I plan on studying zoology/ ethology in the UK.
What task on your project did you most enjoy? I loved feeding the lions, tigers and cheetah in the rehabilitation centre.
What was your greatest achievement? Being able to quickly adapt and make friends. I socialized and collaborated with people throughout the entire project, and this made me more confident.
Did you feel you made a difference? I feel like I made a difference in the benefit of the project, as I joined numerous activities helping the reserve itself out, like road maintenance or rock collecting or game counts.
What advice would you give future participants? Take warm clothes with you (e.g. fleece and long trousers) if you plan to go during the South African winter, as it tends to get very cold.
What was your most memorable moment? The numerous game drives and having so much fun with the people around me.


“You will meet people who will become friends for life. Kaya does help you throughout the entire project, months prior, and this is very helpful.”