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Marissa’s Zambia Experience

Marissa S.
Volunteer Name:Marissa S.
Project Attended:Community Volunteering at Christmas
Country Attended:Zambia


“On my third day of teaching I saw Maureen, one of my students, smile for the first time and I knew that I made the right choice in volunteering. The kids in Livingstone have no choice but to grow up quickly and take on adult responsibilities, but for a few hours every day they have a chance to be a kid when they come to Holiday Club. Seeing them smile for something as simple as being given a ball to play with or a drink of water really made me appreciate how blessed I am. I have also made so many lifelong friends from around the world. It was wonderful being able to live with the other volunteers and really get to know them.

I have learned to not take the simple things for granted. So many things, from running water to education to shoes are not readily available in many places, and knowing I have these things at my disposal back home made me realise how little I really take advantage of them.”