Renate’s Philippines Experience

Renate V.D.
Volunteer Name:Renate V.D.
Project Attended:Work in a Rural Health Clinic
Country Attended:The Philippines
Volunteer Bio:This is Renate. She is 22 years old and from the Netherlands. She studied nursing and finished her studies last year.
What was your greatest achievement? Helping poor, non-English speaking patients to make their health better.
What advice would you give future participants? Don't expect the hospitals and staff to work in the same way as they do in Europe or America. It is much more slower, especially in the governments hospitals. You should also invest in talking with colleagues so that you learn a lot about the country and culture.
What was your most memorable moment? I assisted at a operation for a man who had skin cancer.
Please tell others why you think they should sign up for a program with Kaya Everything is really organised. Before my trip I had a Skype conversation where my placement advisor explained everything to me. During my trip, Kaya kept me informed and checked on how my stay and my placement were. It really felt all my money is so worth it!


“I really like, LOVE it here. I love the Filipino people, the work in the hospital, my colleagues, the other volunteers, the local staff, my nanay, and the country in general. So, yes I really enjoy! Honestly, I can’t describe how I feel about this big experience. I’m really glad I choose to do this.”