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Stacey’s Swaziland Experience

Stacey R.
Volunteer Name:Stacey R.
Project Attended:Sports Volunteering Abroad
Country Attended:Swaziland
What does travelling as a volunteer mean to you vs travelling as a tourist? I have yet to travel as a tourist but I enjoyed the rewarding feeling of helping others. I feel it has helped me to become more independent and giving me the confidence to try new things. It has helped me to gain new skills, try new things and grow in confidence.
What made you choose to volunteer in Swaziland, and on this particular programme? I wanted to volunteer and this was one of the few projects where people under 18 could participate. Also the country was ideal for a first time traveler and I really enjoy sports as well as looking after children.
Can you tell us a bit more about your role(s) on the programme? My role involved supporting the sports co-ordinators with setting up and running activities. As well as assisting other children with their homework and their English and math’s skills.
Did you get to see many sights in the local area during your free time? Yes, I went on a cultural tour of Swaziland and was shown many other places throughout the trip.
What were the highlights of your experience overall? Taking some of the children on their first swimming lesson as well as making lots of new friends from different places.


“Just do it! Volunteering is an amazing experience and an opportunity not to be missed. My experience in Swaziland has made me want to volunteer elsewhere in the future.”