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Is there an age limit for volunteering with Kaya?

We are often asked if someone is too old or too young to volunteer and the answer is nearly always no!  If you are healthy, have a great attitude and want to work alongside a local project team, then we will have a placement for you.

At Kaya, our volunteers range from those as young as 6 who come with their parents on a family volunteering placement, a great summer programme for teenagers in India, opportunities for 16 and 17 year olds, and placements that are suitable for older adults up to 74 years old, as well as gapyear and career break placements.  Take a look at the age demographic for the past year:

As you can see 25% are in the student age group, 50% of our volunteers were in the post university age group, with 15% falling into the 36+ age range.  Some of our projects require you to be physically fit, while others do not.  There is a huge range on offer, some looking for skilled volunteers and others offering a chance for you to develop some more of your own, all while assisting a local project or community to meet their goals.

Volunteering with Kaya focuses on matching skills, interests and needs to those of our projects, to make the placement a success for everyone.  All you have to do is contact one of our Kaya Placement Advisors by calling 0161 870 6212 or 1.413.517.0266 and they will happily discuss your options. Once you have chosen your project you will just need to complete our health forms to ensure your fitness and suitability for the project to start your life changing experience.