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Kaya kicks off Schools Turing Scheme in Morocco

This week has seen Kaya welcome the first of our Turing scheme 2022 students to Morocco. Students from William Hulme Grammar School, in Manchester, and Hyndburn Academy, in Rishton, travelled to Rabat to participate in a 2-week long cultural exchange with students from the Middle school in the Medina (old town) of the city.

Living in a traditional Riad, the northwest students have been learning to speak Arabic and cook Moroccan food, attended talks from community leaders to learn about the culture and traditions of the country and toured the ancient Casbahs.

We welcomed in the weekend with a day at the beach and enjoyed a football game in the park with some of the locals.

Going into the second week, the group are also experiencing the start of Ramadan, with many students joining local students in fasting and seeing how the city changes during this holy month.

Next week will see our group do some visits to the homes of their new Moroccan student friends, visit a traditional Hammam, have a henna painting session and take a trip to the Bazaar.

This is the first of Kaya’s Turing Scheme school groups, which will see five more groups travel to Morocco, Ecuador and Eswatini in the next few months.

Kaya will also see Ecology students on the TuringScheme FE/VET arrive in Ecuador and Eswatini this week and we look forward to sharing their adventures.