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Our tree planting festival in Zambia is well under way!

In a big push to make progress in Livingstone, Zambia our tree planting summer festival is attracting volunteers from all over the world who are having fun giving back to the environment.

In just it’s first week, volunteers have planted 502 trees in an around Livingstone, much to appreciation of local communities. A nurse at the Livingstone Hospital commented, “These trees will give our patients fruit and nutrients as well as a green space to heal in. I know these trees will make a very big difference in the years to come.” There are also exciting evening activities such as Eco-film night and Earth Fest night.

It’s too late now to join the action in Zambia, but check out our tree planting internships in South Africa. If you have skills in PR and social media, Graphic Design or Permaculture, you could be an important part of the movement.