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Rowing around Britain to raise money for Kaya Projects

Attempting a feat of strength and endurance, Sarah Weldon plans to be the first person to row solo around Britain, in order to fundraise and send educational packs to Kaya projects around the world.

The goal may be ambitious to some, but Sarah has her sights set high, and that’s a key ingredient in a successful fundraiser; determination. As they say, you’ve got to think big to win big. However, Sarah’s goal isn’t one of hedonism, but an admirable objective to close the digital divide and provide children in developing countries with an improved education, by giving them access to the web and an online classroom platform.

As part of the Oceans Project, Sarah is all set to leave her home town of Henley on the 28th of May 2014, on a route which will take her along the Thames, and around Britain and back to Henley, taking a testing 13 weeks.

Along the way, she will be giving interviews and talk all around the UK, to raise awareness about the issue, which is one close to Kaya’s hearts.

Schools in developing countries are typically underfunded and therefore lack the resources that children in developed countries benefit from, such as access to the internet, educational programmes and computer literacy training. Not only that, but teachers do not receive appropriate training to deliver such lessons, meaning children grow up at a disadvantage when searching for jobs, continuing the cycle of disparity between nations.

For each £500 raised on expedition, Oceans Project provides one children’s project, any where in the world, with an educational package, which includes tablet computers, internet access, projector, solar charger, and speakers, this can provide access to as many as 400 students for two years.

In receipt of these packages, will be several of the schools and projects Kaya work with, such as care for HIV/AIDS Orphans in Swaziland, community teaching in India, a school for deaf children in Bolivia and more, giving an incredible boost to their learning potential and can be used by our volunteers in delivering inventive lesson plans.

Education is a tool that can help to even the playing field for children who find themselves a victim of circumstance, and help give themselves and their families a better future.

If you would like to get involved, you can follow Sarah’s progress by watching her weekly podcast, following her Twitter or Facebook. You can also donate £1 and get your name on the boat that will become part of history, or sponsor a mile, by giving just £10; be part of the change.

Kaya are behind you Sarah!