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Project Achievements in Indonesia

There have been several big wildlife trafficking cases in the past year, which have been successfully intercepted and lead to more mouths at the sanctuary for the team to look after and rehabilitate. . One case involved the successful return to the wild of 55 endangered Red & Blue Lories, with thanks to support from the World Parrot Trust.

Progress has also been made with law enforcement efforts, circumnavigating government corruption and building alliances with other agencies including the US Embassy in Indonesia, who have provided various support including funds. This also included work a recent high-level workshop between provincial forestry departments and law-enforcement agencies on forest and wildlife crime.

The education programme has blossomed and there is a growing collaboration of environmental education with the provincial education department for local school curriculum work as well as a network of International Schools joining the project.

There have been lots of achievements in Indonesia this year but there is still more work to be done. If you are passionate about caring and rehabilitating animals who are victims of trafficking volunteer with us in Indonesia.