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Project Achievements from Australia and New Zealand

Over the past year our partners in Australia and New Zealand have:

  • Planted over half a million native trees and shrubs. These help to improve habitat and food sources for the native wildlife, and also help to address erosion and salinity problems. This high number of trees makes a significant contribution to cleaner air and help to remove CO2 (greenhouse gas) from the atmosphere.
  • Built more than 110 kilometres of tracks, trails and boardwalks in parks and reserves. Trails provide a way for people to enjoy the environment safely without causing erosion or other damage.
  • Volunteers have removed weeds from over 13 million square metres this year. Why are weeds such a problem? Weeds have major environmental impacts in Australia and New Zealand, causing damage to natural landscapes, waterways and coastal areas. Weeds are one of the most significant threats to biodiversity.
  • Almost 2,000 kg of native seeds have been collected. These will be propagated to grow new native trees and shrubs for the future.
  • Teams have collected over 38,000 kg of rubbish. A lot of this is picked up on remote beaches – it’s washed up on our shores, and is a threat to the birds and animals that live along the coasts.
  • Volunteers have completed 1,159 wildlife surveys this year. By doing this, volunteers provide enormous assistance to the researchers who are working so hard to help protect the wild.

The team have done some incredible work over the past year but there is still a lot more to do, if you are interested in volunteering to conserve Australia and New Zealand’s unique environment click on our link: