If you are a corporate group, wanting to develop the communication skills of your team while building your Corporate Social Responsibility Kaya has a range of international volunteering projects that are perfect for you!  

Corporate Groups Projects

The idea of volunteering and giving something back is now firmly established within the business community, and companies are often assessed on their CSR.  Whether your business is large or small it can make a difference. CSR is at the forefront of many businesses  and consumer demand for fairtrade and ethical business values is ever increasing. Volunteering on a worthwhile project in a developing country is a beneficial way of raising the Corporate Social Responsibility status of your company and is not only a good PR opportunity but a great team building experience for your employees as well.

The wellbeing of your employees and their relationships with each other is a fundamental factor of your company’s success. A volunteer project abroad is a fantastic team building opportunity for your team as it will boost team moral and allow office employees the chance to really get to know each other which will serve to strengthen their working relationships. Working together helps to create an opportunity where the communities you will help and your company learn and benefit on multiple levels.

Corporate volunteer groups can be invaluable to the local communities they visit as the knowledge they can impart on their area of expertise can really make a difference. In tough times of tight budgets, supporting staff to fundraise for participation in a company-backed project can bring your team together. It will certainly help to develop planning skills as things often move at a much slower place or emergencies and other factors taking the place of planned project activities. This can certainly challenge some volunteers soft-skills, which in a corporate setting, is often what you will be looking for.

Most of the projects on our website are able to cater for corporate groups and for most groups we create tailor-made itineraries which can accommodate for your group’s individual needs. We work closely with all our groups and pay special attention to all arrangements that are made and utilize our local team on the ground to help provide a meaningful program. In addition, all of our projects are responsible and promote a manner in which seeing the world respects local people, culture and environment and provide benefits to the local communities.

If you are looking for inspiration about what options are available for your corporate group, then please do not hesitate to reach out to a Kaya representative. We can provide itineraries, and budgets for customized programs, as well as tailoring your experience to get the most out of your time abroad.

What is Included in our Corporate Group Services?

One of the many benefits of participating in a program with Kaya is that we take care of all the important details before your arrival making it a stress-free experience for you and your participants. Our services include:

  • Group involvement in relevant volunteering initiatives
  • On-site staff and dedicated Kaya program leader
  • In country transportation, orientation and logistics
  • Excursions
  • Local guides or guest lecturers in your field
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Classrooms or teaching facilities
  • Coordination to help arrange international flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Pre-departure materials
  • Custom marketing materials to help you promote your program
  • Language immersion
  • Language classes

Example Corporate Group itinerary

A 1-week group project in southern Africa for a group of 6 – 8 employees.  Please click the image to the left to view an example of this 1 week itinerary in Africa.

To request a group proposal & quote that is customized to your requirements, click the button and please complete the group program questionnaire.


Our Corporate Groups Volunteer Projects

Teaching English in Rural Cambodia
If you want to help a rural impoverished community while learning about the culture and the people of Cambodia, all that while making friends, this is a placement for you!
Sports teaching in Rural Cambodia
If you want to help a rural impoverished community while learning about the culture and the people of Cambodia, all that while making friends, this is a placement for you!
Construction in rural Cambodia
If you want to help a rural impoverished community while learning about the culture and the people of Cambodia, all that while making friends, this is a placement for you!
Small Business Development Internship in Africa
Share this small business development internship in South Africa to extend your CV/Resume while developing the capacity of a social enterprise.
Empower Women On A Sustainable Agriculture Initiative in Nepal
Volunteer in Nepal and empower Nepalese women through sustainable agriculture, providing them with the ability to support themselves and their children.
Healthy Kitchens Volunteering in Peru
Join us in supporting local families by addressing hygiene and sanitation issues by working on our healthy kitchens volunteering in Peru project.
Sustainable Economic and Community Development in Ecuador
Volunteer in Ecuador on an economic and community development initiative to help families preserve their values, culture and environment and create sustainable livelihoods.
Build a Sustainable Home for Orphans in Belize
Build a Sustainable Home for Orphans in Belize and support children prepare for adulthood, while immersing them in sustainability initiatives.
Computer Literacy and Arts Volunteering in South Africa
Volunteer in South Africa for this computer literacy and arts project and work with rural communities on the outskirts of Chintsa, on the East cape’s beautiful Wild Coast.
Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Relief and Recovery in the Philippines
Volunteer and help Tacloban residents and communities rebuild their lives on a project dedicated to communities devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.
Building and Garden Volunteer Work in Cambodia
Volunteers with a passion for the outdoors who are keen to use their physical strength to help to build structures, clear community spaces or assist with agricultural work will enjoy this project.
Swaziland Volunteer Building With Kruger Safari
Combine travel and volunteering in South Africa with our bespoke Kruger to Swaziland Building and Volunteer Adventure.

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