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Why should I pay to intern abroad?

Internship abroad placements often have a cost associated with them. One might ask: “Why should I pay to intern abroad?” Especially if your friends have internships where they are being paid a stipend or minimum wage.

Well, we have answers for you!

First and foremost, your internship abroad generally include items which you might not have considered you need to pay for. These include transport, meals and accommodations. For Kaya internship placements, someone will come and pick you up at the airport when you arrive, and provide you with safe and clean accommodation during your stay, as well as meals in many locations.

Your internship has been checked out! At Kaya, our Site Directors visit and monitor placements, so we know your internship is genuine and the organisation you will be placed with is real. We have established partnerships and so can also work with organisation leads to shape your internships to meet with academic requirement, if necessary.  And because we are Kaya, we also ensure that the organisation is sustainable, making a positive impact and that your placement is doing no harm to the local communities. It is an important factor to consider given all the “dodgy” resources you can now find browsing online. The time taken to ensure that placement is perfect for you is covered in your placement fees.

Knowing that someone from our team has checked out your placement should make you less worried about your experience – not to mention, it will make your parents feel happier about letting you go intern abroad!

You will get support on the ground – When being abroad, it’s important to know you have someone to turn to if needed. Whether it’s to provide a great orientation to the location and culture, for help on where to buy something you need, if you get sick or have problems at work, Kaya ground staff are there to support you. They are local and will be very valuable to you during your internship time in-country.

Most importantly, when it comes to improving your CV, you will get so more from your internship abroad than your friends back at home. Pushing your comfort limits, you will gain confidence, you will learn to operate in a new culture (possibly even a new language), and your job prospects will increase by helping you really stand out from the crowd –  Not to mention the personal adventure of living abroad in an exotic country!

Don’t let the fee involved in interning abroad deter you. There are many scholarships available, many ways you can fundraise, and, if you can get credit for your experience at your university, you may even be able to use your financial aid.

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