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What exactly is a gap year? There isn’t a single answer to what constitutes a gap year, it is
dependent on an individual’s needs, interests and calendar. Most gap years, however,
have one thing in common and that is taking an extended period of time out your day-to-
day life typically between 3-12 months at any point during your life to do something
different, gain new life experiences or even to develop your CV/Resume. Extended
periods of stay allow you to become immersed in the local culture and potentially learn
the language and volunteering on your gap year is the perfect way to give something back
to the local communities, which have been your home.

Your gap year should allow you to achieve your aims and objectives and fit your needs,
interests and calendar. Kaya has developed an approach that best suits your needs. You
can select any combination of projects in any location in any order for the vast majority of
the year to create a unique gap year experience. We recommend volunteers allow time
outside of their volunteering work – before, in between or after - to travel independently
and see what else the country or region has to offer.

We have pre-designed a range of gap year packages across our popular destinations in
order to give you a taste of what is on offer for your gap year. Use these as a starting
point and if you would like us to help you to tailor make an alternative then contact us on or call us 0161 870 6212 and let us help you to tailor make your
own gap year volunteering and travel adventure.


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