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Achievements for Australia Volunteers

It’s always great to see your hard work paying off and seeing what a difference you made. Those volunteers that headed to Australia last year to work with our conservation team will be happy to hear that the project had an amazing year and achieved impressive results.

In total, with all volunteer and staff hands on deck, the highlights for 2013 were:

• Planted 700,000 stems

• Weeded 1,400 hectares

• Collected 4.3 tonnes of seed

• Collected 70 tonnes of rubbish

• Propagated 85,000 plants

• Maintained 183 kilometres of boardwalks and walking tracks

This work makes a huge difference to not only the appearance of the landscape but the sustainability of the natural beauty. We’d like to thank all Kaya volunteers that took part!

If you’d like to become part of the team for 2014, follow this link to get started.