Cleo’s Swaziland Experience

Cleo B.
Volunteer Name:Cleo B.
Project Attended:International Development
Country Attended:Swaziland
What task on your project did you most enjoy? "As a business intern my main focus was supporting the host NGO. I worked closely with the project leads (community/sport and building programmes) to identify opportunity to attract more funding and for organisational efficiencies. I particularly enjoyed adding value to the NGO by working with the team to create a forward plan and strategy to compliment their vision and aspiration for growth. I also participated in some volunteer activity including the Homework Clubs and worked directly with 2 beneficiary groups (SME)."
What was your greatest achievement? "To give business focus and support to the project."
Did you feel you made a difference? "Yes, I am confident that the team on the ground will make effective use of the tools and techniques I introduced. This will help their organisation develop sustainably and reach more people in need."
What advice would you give future participants? "Swaziland is a country of contrasts. Swazi people are optimistic and welcoming. Life around Lidwala Lodge seems rather nice - outside the gates of the beautiful accommodation is 70% population living in poverty, terrible rates of HIV infection and no schooling without paying beyond primary.....just a few headliners for the country. There are many more."


“Kaya are immensely supportive to potential volunteers. In my 2 experiences they have been excellent.”