Women’s Empowerment Volunteering: International Women’s Day 2020

#IWD2020 #EachForEqual 

This Sunday the world will be celebrating International Women’s Day 2020. Therefore we are celebrating Women’s Empowerment Volunteering. Because the theme this year is Each for Equal.

We all want to be treated equally, and equality for all is the end goal that the world is striving towards. Therefore, that means equal rights and access to education, healthcare, career opportunities, safety and security. And happiness. 

As this year’s IWD theme explains – “an equal world is an enabled world”. Evidently, a world in which women are empowered is a world with more brains, brawn, and bolster behind it. 

Because, of course, this day is recognised not simply to celebrate women. It acts as a reminder for all that still needs to be achieved globally in terms of women’s rights and equality. 

Women’s empowerment volunteering is a powerful way to leave a lasting impression on a community in which women may find themselves marginalized, oppressed, or cut off from access to education and independence. 

Therefore, at Kaya we work with a number of Women’s Empowerment volunteering projects and internships in the developing world that celebrate, educate, and inspire women through cultural exchange, and personal and community development.

Our top projects for supporting and empowering women around the world:

Women’s Empowerment Internship – Uganda

Uganda is a developing country with a high volume of vulnerable women. Subsequently, a lot of women in rural communities are illiterate and have no source of income. Therefore, the support provided by interns on this project is invaluable: it provides vulnerable women with the entrepreneurial skills to help them and their families out of the poverty cycle. This is a project that truly focuses on the empowerment of women, and on having a lasting impression in a challenged community.

Women’s Empowerment Internship – Morocco

Morocco is a country struggling with a great disparity between men and women. Because of this, women can unfortunately find themselves victims of abuse, or deprived of education and career opportunities. Interns can assist by teaching English to women and girls, or else organising and teaching workshops such as business skills or computer literacy. Ultimately, the role of the intern is to help the women to feel empowered, to develop their confidence and skills so that they may achieve, for themselves, a better life.

Girl and Women’s Empowerment Volunteering – Zambia

This women’s empowerment volunteering project in Zambia works to assist women and girls that don’t have access to education, but wish to build a brighter future for themselves. Beneficiaries of the project are given the opportunity to learn to read and communicate in English, and to gain business skills. Further to this, they can attend discussion groups on social issues, sexual and reproductive health, and women’s rights. Moreover, volunteers can support across all areas on this women’s empowerment volunteering project to help alleviate the challenges faced by Zambian women.

Girls’ and Young Women’s Empowerment Volunteering in Quito, Ecuador

Unfortunately, sex trafficking is a big problem in Ecuador. Therefore, NGOs have been set up in Ecuador to offer rescued adolescents safe housing, education, and legal aid. During their 3-6 month stay at the safe centers, girls receive psychological support, and childcare for any children they may have. Undeniably, this project is a fantastic way to support young women that have been the victims of violence and sexual abuse, but wish to move on from their pasts. You can provide support on this women’s empowerment volunteering project with administration, fundraising, teaching, social work, and more to support the victims in their recovery process.

Women’s Empowerment on a Sustainable Agricultural Initiative – Nepal

This incredible women’s empowerment volunteering project operates at a women’s farm cooperative in rural Nepal. The women, often victims of abuse, are given a plot of land and a roof over their heads. In turn, they cultivate the land and grow organic fruit and vegetables. Because of this project, the women are able to feed themselves and their children, enhance their self-confidence, and move towards recovery from abused pasts. Volunteers join in this agriculture and education placement to work the land, and to support the children at the farm with before and after school care.

Women’s Empowerment Volunteering – India

Within rural and disadvantaged communities of India, the mistreatment of women is still prevalent. Because of this, women and girls aren’t always offered the same opportunities as men. Fortunately, through women’s empowerment initiatives, women can expand their horizons, and fight their way to a more positive future. First and foremost, this women’s empowerment volunteering project focuses on education and confidence-building activities including group discussions, and English and maths teaching amongst others.

Women’s Empowerment Volunteering – the Philippines

Domestic abuse, sexual crime and abandonment are, unfortunately, not uncommon in the Philippines. As a result, a safe haven for women was created to protect women that have fled abusive relationships. Intrinsically, the women live communally, and are supported by social workers. Unfortunately, however, the center is underfunded, and is always in need of volunteers. Therefore volunteers assist the staff by presenting themselves as strong, independent influences. Further to this they provide emotional support to the women, and by teaching and passing on any specialist skills you may have.

Women’s Empowerment Volunteering at Cooperatives – Costa Rica

This women’s empowerment project in Costa Rica is incredibly unique. Many rural families in Costa Rica rely on the coffee trade for employment, and most men will work at coffee plantations. In response, the local women decided they needed an alternative. Therefore they set up the orchid cooperative in 1993. The project was originally started by 35 local women, and is still run by local women. Importantly, the business that the women have made for themselves gives them financial independence, self-worth, and a means to support women in their community. As such, volunteers help with grounds maintenance, weeding, composting, and tending to the plants. Through this they learn from the women and create lasting cultural connections.

Hope you found this blog interesting. To hear more about the projects that we offer please connect with one of our advisors using the chat now button, or feel free to request a brochure using the button opposite.


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